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GUrlRANT%, VTUAL LIFE COMPANY, <br />x A. corpora ion, <br />Doc., No. <br />Plaintiff, <br />vs- <br />WA YNE "L., KIRSCHBAUM, , LIS PENDENS <br />1;ERMA:F. KIRSCHBAUM), his wife, <br />. LYONEL, G. KIR3CHBAUI4, <br />KIR5CHBAU14, first <br />name unknown, his wife,' <br />T JOHN DGB, reai name unknown, <br />x' Defendants. <br />i Notice is hereby given that Guarantee Mutual Life <br />T, Company, a corporation, has filed an action in the District <br />Court of Hall County, Nebraska, against Wayne L. Kirschbaum,: <br />Erma F. Kirschbaum, his wife, Lyoriel -G, Kirschbaum' <br />1 <br />Kirschbaum, first name unknown, his wife, and John Doe, real <br />name unknown, the object and purpose of which is to foreclose. <br />'I a mortgage dated September 5, 1951, and recorded in Book, 94 <br />at Page 573 of the Mortgage Records of Hall County, Nebraska, <br />given to secure a -note in the amount of 0,S50.00, which said . <br />note was declared due`on account.of'failure to pay the monthly <br />'installments of of 446.$1 applicable to principal and interest <br />and escrow payments of )25.4 due March 1, 1962, April 1, 1962 <br />May 1, 1962, `June 1,:;x.962, July 1, 1962, August 1, 1962, and' <br />September 1, 19620 <br />!` Said mortgage covers the following described real <br />estate: <br />Lot Ten,(10),.in Block One (1) in Meves <br />. First Addition to the City of Grand; Island, <br />Hall County,-' Nebraska. <br />.eta Ce ;'N 1, Uka <br />Cc��rty # <br />Es <br />Er.fe►ed n .�iu�:��rical In4ex And filled GUAt EE MUTUAL LIFE COMPANY <br />for, "Vt'X.jd in Cff1c,`g 4 R"g- a tf' A c po tion, <br />Pla ff <br />isGZ. r I.... <br />o'c x' � 3� _.. m °rotes A, - <br />d etc �i e�1 in <br />o <br />k _1.!_ - -.... f Y <br />d - t. pale_: LQ. T TOR 1VL' I <br />-z •� f D <br />A. <br />