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E A S M 34 T� <br />:+MER,EAS, the. Gity of Granc) Island, a, municipal, corl4oratipn in Hall <br />County, Nebraska, contemplates, the construction of public utilities in Geer, <br />wf Add, tion' to the City. of Grand Island, Nebraska, aril desires an easement, or. <br />rigist -of -way, across the' tract hereinafter described on which to cQr.,F <br />stn -ct said utilities,. and <br />MdEi3 A3,` grantors, Fdward.H. 0. Rhoda and Josephine A ,Rhoda, hus= <br />ban. and wife,, of the Gity of Grand Island'; Nebrasisa`�, Henry R`. Rhoda. And : <br />Lorftta Rhoda, husband and wife of Cairo lebrask ' and Martha R, Rhoda, surviving -. <br />wick :t of Henry D. ikoda, 'of! the., City of Grand Island, ?1ebr3ska,- for: and in con- <br />3 id ratilon of One Dollar ($1.00). and other, valuable conilderati -jA in. hand., paid, <br />the receipt whereof is Hereby ackno.tledged,do hereby grant, bargain; sell and <br />coriiey unto the said City. of Grand Island an easement over, along,` under and <br />aerrss a strip of. land Sixteen-(16) width-and One hundred.Thirty -two <br />(1,10 feat in length, more.barticularly the south!,Sixteen (16) <br />fee of the north One Kundred Anety -one. and, Four Tenths feet of -Lots. " <br />3ine (9) and Ten (10) in Geer Subdivision, Hoot ,an Addition to the City of Grand <br />Isle rid , Xebraska. <br />F , <br />It is understood and agreed that the.City'of Grand Island'- 'the. grantee,. <br />may, con itruvt public iitilities.'on' the land.herein; described "such as.san tart'` sewers, <br />wathr mains and power lines'.`. <br />It is further understood an ''agreed that the'said.'City;of Grand Island, - <br />its agents 'and'employe'es, shall hava the right'of'un- restricted Ingress 'and egress <br />to -he'land herein, described„ for the purpose of •constructing; erecting, maintain -'N <br />ing extending or repairing'any ofthe utilities constructed upon said land. ; <br />It is further understood and agreed that the interest', L rights and privileges. ; <br />herein conveyed'to the. saidi,Clty,sof.Grand Island shall be perpetual, and :'shall <br />" ruh. with ,she.:title, to the l nd,..and shall, be binding upon tha heirs; executors <br />and ac inistrators of tha said "grantor* and their Successgrssand assign's. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, e' grantors have hereunto set their hands this <br />W�mess ' <br />Y �t <br />.Y ;,�,,1`�`,g,' !,r? - 4. '�' �,,.� `ryi r'y .' Y i her t$ r "" , <br />};- <br />�v� Al <br />