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^i 'a <br />9. 'xa <br />win" °+ aici <br />the will be placed in a Sood s iti <br />_ <br />before "May 5;, 1957, by ..Parties . a the �'�`�s� ?Art.', <br />ltd. The firdt pasties reserve the` hay which is <br />cut and. stacked on said 1pre�aises, said hay to be removed <br />by the first parties without damage to the alfalfa on <br />said premises. <br />11. It is further agreed that possession of s "d <br />premises shall be given May 3, ,1957. <br />12. It is further agreed that the posts shall <br />be set every fifteen feet in said fence. <br />i 3, it is agreed thLt B.J. Cunningham, a z:or:,!er <br />0,.<ner of the al ove premises, resuzves � >il undivided <br />interest in a -,xd to tine oi-L and g;zs found in or udder sue: <br />premises for a period 03 twenty years I;roti2 DeC.emi`b:E'r <br />IN WUNISS W WOF, the partias have hereunto <br />signed the foregoing Contract thee' day and year last above <br />written ♦ y 1 <br />�-° (( ]Mrtias of First ... <br />.N <br />art es of Second 1' rt <br />Sta9te of i4ebraaskaa f <br />+s"..�7)iTY3"Y of k "'K 3 ; <br />Entered on ,i` uai . t-ai Index and f:aed <br />ay Cf <br />s 4 g <br />at ___? - - --- " <br />V!Cl ck era v o,_ n•.�a _IVt. <br />a nd iG o�ded in s aik - - - - -- of <br />.1r_se at usage <br />eg sex of Deeds <br />r 2� qb Deputy <br />