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STATE Or NEBRASKA , ) <br />ss. A F F I D A V I T <br />COUNTY OF HALL, ) <br />lL: The Westerly Forty -five (45) feet of the Northerly <br />Fifty -t,ao (52) feet of Fractional Lot Light (8) , in <br />Fractional Block Nineteen (19), in H. G. Clark's <br />Addition to the City of Grand_ Island, Nebraska. <br />F ; OBFRT F. BOLIE1, of legal age, being; first duly sworn on oath <br />deposes and says that he was well and personally acquainted with <br />Francis L. Tripe, one of the grantees in the Warranty Deed recorders <br />in Book 110, at Page 239 of the Deed Records of Hall County, Nebr- <br />aska; and that he knows of his own personal knowledge that soid <br />Francis L. Tripp is one and the same person as the Francis LeRoy <br />Trinn mentioned in the Affidavit recorded in Book 1, at Page 591 <br />of the iiscellaneous 1\1.ecords of Hall County, Nebraska, notwith- <br />standinn the discrepancy in names. <br />i'urther affiant saith not. <br />SU3SC:IBLD <br />and sworn to before me this day of May, 1960. <br />. <br />,tt �fsggrtr�;r r <br />o y PubliC <br />c <br />ly <br />State of Nebraska <br />� ss <br />„. <br />„,U,ty of d `all <br />Numerical Index and filed <br />En r_tered ore <br />':office of Register of <br />for record in <br />f:'eeds on the ---- 1�,q-- ---- day of <br />--- <br />MAY -- - -- 19 -60- at --I <br />- <br />and r imuptes . .c - - - -M• <br />o'clock <br />and . recorded In B'011” -.4 --------- of <br />-- Miscel, at page! <br />- -------------- <br />- - - - - -- Register of Deeds <br />By ------------ �ury - -• ....... <br />Fees <br />