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I �o <br />fE <br />THT CERT,� et O TO BE A TRUE COPY OF AN ORIGINAL <br />CER •� Q, N F� -fHE STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, <br />BURS- AWC1F'V STA ICS, WHICH IS THE LEGAL DEPOSITORY <br />.FOR.y xt/li EGO.9 <br />DIRECTOR OF VITAL STATISTICS AND ASSISTANT STATE REGISTRAR <br />LINCOLN, NEBRASKA III <br />NE4 NEI, and Wj NAj 23_11 -10 <br />State of Nebraska <br />County of Mall f $s <br />Entered on Numerical Index and filed <br />for record in Office of Register of <br />Deeds on the ------ _l.. - - - - -- day of <br />Qat_ob-er- - - - - -- 19--5.9- at r1 —I <br />o'clock and ------ Q_ minutes _.P.M, <br />and recorded in Book of <br />Register of Deeds <br />BY <br />Deputy <br />-Fees $-- �s�� -• <br />