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74— GENERAL AFFIDAVIT —Short The Huffman General Supply House, Lincoln, Nebr. <br />STATE OF Nebraska <br />Iss. <br />if 0 0 T County, f <br />Maud Bowen Baker <br />of the of Curtis County of Frontier and <br />State of Nebraska being first duly sworn, doth depose and say that <br />she was well acquainted with Sarah Chapman, wife of Truman S. Chapman named in the <br />probate proceedings of Truman S.Chapman, deceased, and that she is one and the same <br />person that is signed as Sally Chapman, widow, in a`Warranty Deed conveying the <br />South Half of the Northwest Quarter of Section Twenty, Township Ten, North of Range <br />Eleven, West of the 6th P.N. conveying said premises to James F. Chapman, in spite <br />of the discrepancy in the names. <br />��ttFfttMtflle // � " j of fJ <br />\�tt ..e., -� ... .._e.._' <br />And further t�hn :iiiry� / - - -- •- - <br />\ti� �•. ++.•� % ��� This line -is for signature of atl,ant. <br />Subscd'�be)k 1 S o f to�b— f�u �rn� this All day of O C 7 B G K 19S� <br />-`^•.__"- !--- --... °.........'------.. °. <br />�f��ii�. • i �`�` tc�1�`, These two lines are for signature and title of officer administering oath. <br />„ l,(ftlf PH {rlttli� <br />Filed for record ,October 00 IY50 at gISTer of e ' Nebr <br />