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74— GENERAL AFFIDAVIT —Short The Huffman General Supply House, Lincoln, Nebr. <br />STATE OF Nebraska <br />}ss. Edith A. Senseney. } <br />Hall County, J <br />of the village of Wood River , County of Hall and <br />State of Nebraska being first duly sworn, doth depose and say that <br />she was the wife of Isaac Newton Senseney and the same person that signed the mortgage <br />on February 22, 1929, to Fred J. Miller covering the South Half of the Northwest <br />Quarter of SAction Twenty, Township Ten, North of Range Eleven West of the 6th P.M. <br />and that she is also the same person listed as Vena Senseney as the wife of Isaac Newton <br />Senseney in an oil and gas lease to the Texas Production Company dated February 27, 1930 <br />and that her middle name is Alvena and she sometimes is called Vena for short. <br />sr' <br />And further this affiant says note <br />,v <br />- - -- US!LA!LzzSN_. <br />This line is for signatur of affiant. <br />Subscribed and sw4rli jCi""'be# ore me 411' ' jkh <br />day of September 19 58 <br />HF i Vii` Yom_ <br />.......... <br />rf�� ci'_ <br />--------- - - - - -- - -- --- - - - - -- NOTARY-- MLIC----------------- <br />- - - - -- -- ...... <br />These two lines are for signature and title of officer administering oath. <br />Filed for record October 4. 10120 A.M. Oa� Register of Deeds, Hall Cod <br />