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STATE OF NEBRASKA ) <br />SS <br />HALL COUNTY ) <br />Frieda Roeser, being first duly sworn, upon oath deposes and <br />says that she is one of the heirs at law of Minnie Detlefsen, also <br />known as Wilhelmina.Detlefsen, deceased; that the heirs at law of <br />said Minnie Detlefsen, deceased, are &ieda Roeser, Lillie Stringham, <br />Hulda Clausen, also known as Hulda Claussen, Arthur Detlefsen, and <br />Jack Willim Shreve Guenther; that said heirs at 1 -Aw are the record <br />owners and are now in possession of the following described real <br />estate situated in Hall County, Nebraska, to -wit: <br />Fractional Lot Five (5), in Fractional Block Thirty -nine <br />(39), in Charles Wasmer's Addition, and its complement, to- <br />wit: That part of Fractional Block Twelve (12), in Win - <br />dolph's Addition which taken with Fractional Lot Five <br />(5), in Fractional Block Thirty -nine (39), of Charles <br />Wasmer's Addition will make a full rectangular lot, <br />having a northerly frontEge of Fifty -four (14) Feet of <br />John Street, in said City, and a depth of One Hundred Thirty - <br />two (132) Feet, both Additions being Additions to the <br />City of Grand Island, Nebraska. <br />Affiant further says that she knows of her own personal <br />know--..edge that Wilhelm Detlefsen, the grantee in Warranty Deeds <br />recorded in Book 24, Page 120, and in Book 7, Page 423, of the <br />records in the Office of the Register of Deeds, Hall County, <br />Nebraska, is one and the same person as William Detlefsen, the <br />-antor in the Warranty Deed recorded in Book 85 at Page 38, <br />of the records of the Office of the Register of Deals, Hall County, <br />Nebraska, the said Wilhelm Detlefsen having been her father. <br />Further affiant sayeth not. <br />(Frieda Roeser) <br />Subscribed in my presence and sworn to before me, a Notary <br />Public in and for said County and State, this 24th day of <br />J-1 'Septesiber, 1958. <br />o . , <br />Notary Public <br />My commission expires the day of �•^-� <br />Filed for record October 2, 1958 at 1:30 P.M. R.e;ister of Deed; <br />Hall County, Nebr. <br />