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COMMODITY CREDIT U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE STATE COUNTY <br />CORPORATION 'FORM 297 COMMODITY STABILIZATION SERVICE <br />/ 16 -1.561 COMMOD'tW_tR €D'1'T " UR <br />CORPAT)ON <br />I -Iek <br />SEVERANCE AGREEMENT 5ERIAL NO. ^� <br />Whereas, of <br />NAM RROWER) •,, .. .... ....(ADDRESS) , <br />County o State of lierIiAnafter.'called* the_ "1orrower" <br />—T <br />has applied .to:ahe Commodity Credit Corporation-,for a l'oan.a:r for the guarantee of a-loan for'. the purpose <br />purchasing and erecting or constructing the ^foi'lowing storage structure, to =wit: <br />on the follo escr real estate situated in`the'County of <br />State of Ai the of the. 1; of Section <br />and, <br />Whereas the borrower has agreed to give Commodity Credit Corporation or its approved lending agency a mort- <br />gage lien on said storage structure: <br />Now,:- .therefore; the parties here-to-do- covenant and agree• that such structures and equipment: <br />1. Shall remain severed from said real estate, and, <br />2. Even if attached to the realty, shall retain their personal-character, shall be removable from the real estate, shall be <br />treated as personal property with respect to the rights of the parties, and shall not become fixtures or a part of the <br />real estate; and,: <br />3. Shall`not be subject to the lien of any security transaction or instrument heretofore or hereafter rising against the <br />i <br />structure or realty on which it s placdd, until, <br />(a) The expiration of Commodity Credit Corporation's lien and any extension or renewal thereof; and,, <br />(b) Until repayment of said loan. <br />4. Shall, rf acquired by Commodity - Credit•- Corporation through•fore.closure or other means, at the option of the Commod- <br />ity Credit Corporation remain on the above described real estate for a period not to exceed six (6) months after the <br />date. of acquisition by Commodity;Credit- Corporation at no expense to Commodity Credit Corporation. <br />In witness whereof, the undersigned have executed these presents on the dates immediately below their re- <br />spective signatures: <br />THE FEDEiAT{.'p i3ldi °OF;OMAHA <br />Ay <br />(SIGNATURE OF BORROWER) L.)ENKOLDE R) " <br />c. Preident <br />DY 7E_ DATE <br />s <br />6 affi lr. <br />� M <br />IGNATURE 0 BORROWERS SPOUSE) °(OWNER OR LIEN'F1"OLDER) <br />DATE DATE <br />Ac RI -WASH <br />