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r + kM4 - <br />AFFIDAVIT <br />STATE OF NEBRASKA <br />ss <br />COUNTY OF HALL <br />--� being first duly sworn on my, oath <br />depose and say hat I am a resident of Hall County, Nebraska, having <br />been such for more than years last past, during which <br />years I have resided within `/ 7_mile of said PARK VIEW <br />SUBDIVISION, located in the Northeast Quarter of Section 29, and the <br />Northwest Quarter of Section 28, Township 11 North, Range 9 West of <br />the,. 6th P.M. <br />Affiant further states that he is familiar with the location <br />on "!the Section Line between said Sections 29 and 28, Township 11 N, <br />Range 9 West, and which Section line passes through Lots 9 and to of <br />Block "C", Lots 17 and 18 of Block "D" and Lot 6 of Block "E" of <br />said Sub - Division <br />And I positively know of my own knowledge that there never was a <br />road established and trave led on said Section line in said Subdivision <br />Subscribed and sworn to before me this 19th d of Sept. 1958. <br />Commission expires <br />Notary Pub7_�<5 `y c•'yf ✓;,,, ,A <br />Filed for record. September 19, 1958 at 3:15 P.M. Edna Bohn, Register of Deeds <br />�j� e. t Hall County, Nebr. <br />