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AFFIDAVIT <br />State of Nebraska ) <br />) ss. <br />County of Merrick ) <br />A. C. Roemmich of Chapman, Merrick County, Nebras- <br />ka, being first duly sworn upon oath, deposes and says that <br />he is well and personally acquainted with the heirs of Jesse <br />James O'Connar, late a resident of Merrick County, Nebraska, <br />,.!h.o died on the 2nd day of Maas, 1956, and that said heirs <br />are Grace Ninpers, Manchester, Tennessee, Edith Stetson, An- <br />dover, Iowa, Alice O'Connar, Chicago, Illinois, and Mary I. <br />Leamons, Central City, Nebraska., and that said heirs are the <br />owners of record of the following described real estate, to- <br />"'- 1 t : <br />Block One (l) in West View, located <br />on the Southeast Quarter of the <br />Northwest quarter (SE'tNU) of Sec- <br />tion Seventeen (17) in Township Ele- <br />ven (11), 'orth of Rpnge Nine <br />West of the 6th P. 14.1 Ha7 -1 County, <br />Nlebraska, <br />and that the heirs of JPSse James O'Connar, to- wit: Grace <br />'ippeT i'r7ith stetson, Alice O'Connar and Nary I. Leamons, <br />are now in possession of said premises. <br />rated this 11th day of AZ,gust, 1956. <br />A. C. Roemmich <br />`3,�bscribed and sworn to before me this 11th day of <br />A° aA, Notary Pilblic <br />Filed for record August 21i, 1957, at 10.10 A.M.�w�Cr✓ <br />Register of Deeds <br />Hall County,Nebr. <br />