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FINAL AFFIDAVIT AND AGREEMENT <br />STATE OF NEBRASKA: <br />--L, SS <br />COUNTY OF .UUISTIEM <br />On this 22nd day of August , 19 > "s before <br />me personally appeared _ <br />Owner of Property, and <br />General Contractor, <br />to me personally known, who, being duly sworn on their <br />oaths, did say that all of the persons, firms and cor- <br />porations, including the General Contractor and all sub- <br />contractors, who have furnished services, labor or ma- <br />terials according to plans and specifications, or extra <br />items, . used in the construction or repair of buildings <br />and improvements on the real estate hcrcinafter describ- <br />ed, have been paid in full and that such work has been <br />fully completed and accepted by the OT,.,ner. <br />Affiants further say that no claims have been made to <br />either of the affiants by, nor is any suit now pending <br />on behalf of any contractor, sub - contractor, laborer or <br />materialman and further that no chattel mortgages or <br />conditional bills of sale have been given or are now <br />outstanding as to any materials, appliances, fixtures or <br />furnishings placed upon or installed in the aforesaid <br />premises. <br />Affiants as parties hereto do for a valuable consider- <br />ation hereby agree and guarantee, to hold each and <br />every party making a loan on said real estate and his or <br />its successors and assigns, harmless against any lien, <br />claim or suit of or by any general contractor, sub- <br />contractor, mechanic or materialman and against chattel <br />mortgages or conditional bills of sale, in connection <br />with the construction or repair of such buildings or <br />improvements on said real estate. <br />The Real Estate and Improvements referred to herein <br />are situated in the City of r•; lid _Ls i- 11:; , State of <br />Nebraska, and are described as follows, to wit: <br />Lot 63 in Hagges' Subdivision of the North- <br />west Quarter of the Northeast Quarter and <br />part of the Northeast Quarter of the North - <br />west Quarter, in Section 28, Township 11 North, <br />Range 9, West of the 6th P.M., Hall County, <br />Nebraska. <br />1, subscribed and sworn to before me the day and <br />rst above written. 1 <br />t- <br />.� <br />.PIT '( \, <br />/ 0 ARY PUBLIC <br />Filed for record August 23, 1957, at 9 :30 A.M. <br />L Uz <br />Register of Deed <br />Hall County, Neb <br />