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and incic,ental to the construction of s id sewer; first <br />Party further grants Second Parties, `heir heirs and nssi:'ns <br />for ever, the right to enter upon the -cronerty of theFire.l <br />Party at any and all such times as ma_ be nF ce sse,ry to ma Le , <br />repair and maintain said sewer and all connections thereto. <br />Second Pp.rties further gree to pa-y First Part. for -ny <br />dema -ea or disturbance vh1cl-r- may be caused tc `he ..rc-- ,Crty <br />J <br />sublFct to this easement es a result of the use of the <br />easement. <br />It is further a, reed by and between the c+arties <br />that this agreement is intended to bF binding on the heirs, <br />executors, administrators and assi -ns of ! -11 the ra.rties <br />hereto and is intended as a. covenant rassinv v-itn said. <br />cribed property. <br />STATE OF NEBRASKA ) <br />(SS: <br />COUNTY OF HALL ) <br />z, <br />PA ^1Y OF 7=1 FIRST ' ART <br />Now on this 31st day of December, 1954, personally <br />appeared before me the undersigned, a Notary Public in and for <br />Hall Co>> -nty, Nebraska, A. C. PAULICK, Party crf the First Part, <br />_.G, L:•EVAN8, _ohe of the Parties of the Second Part, to <br />.,to be the identical persons who executed the fore - <br />` '8ement for Easement and acknowledged the execution <br />ba-their voluntary act and deed for the rurposes <br />--forth. <br />v / <br />NOTARY PUBLICr�_ <br />My commission expires: nPnnynber 27,_]„956 _ <br />Filed for record August 23, 1957, at 8 :30 A.M. Register of Deeds <br />Hall County,Nebr. <br />