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IN THE MATTER OF THE TITLE TO LOT TWO (2) IN <br />BLOCK SIBI7-0NE (61) IN WHOM AM BIM MIS <br />IS <br />SECOND ADDITION TO TER CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA <br />AFFIDAVIT: <br />The State of Nebraska) <br />as. <br />County of Hall ) <br />Gordon L. Evans, being first duly sworn upon his oath, <br />deposes and says that he is a resident of Grand Island, Hall <br />County, Nebraska, and has been for more than twenty—five years <br />last past; that he is well and personally acquainted with Bertha <br />Stone, one of the Grantees in a deed dated February 26, 1952, <br />acknowledged February 26, 1952, and filed on record March 5, 1952, <br />in Book 1001+, Page 79, in the Deed Records of Hall County, Nebraska, <br />and Bertha P. Stone in the Will and Decree which is filed in the <br />Office of the County Judge in Hall County, Nebraska, and described <br />in Exhibit "C" in the Abstract of Title to the above described <br />property and that affiant knows of his own personal knowledge that <br />Bertha Stone and Bertha P. Stone are one and the same persons <br />shown in the Deed and the Will and Decree as herein not forth, <br />notwithstanding the diserepa <br />And further affiant <br />Subscribed in my pre; <br />Flay A. D. 1956. <br />! .r <br />'R.�fBbkib <br />*"commission expires Deceaber 27, 1956. <br />Notary Public <br />Filed for record June 7, 1956 at 1:10 p.m.(,Ui ti Register of Deeds <br />Hall County, Nebr. <br />