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r J! tyyi °a}'afv m r. `i 3 r S i a wx ' a,u3 r <br />t r e � ' ! s v'�ia a a , � r @ a a s , ` a � ; € 2�, �• a <br />g. <br />PO * s <br />Xt <br />{Y <br />il <br />yy <br />� Y � t <br />CONTfL4�CT <br />f5 TF17S AGREEMENT, Made and etered in thisday <br />of October, 1954, 'by and between'-FAY'H. DENMAN, single, <br />party of the first; part, and ALFRED SUSEN, of Hdl1 County, <br />Nebraska, party ,of the < second part, VITNESSETH: <br />1. The party of the first part does hereby contract <br />and agree to`sell to the party of the second part -the South - <br />west, Quarter (Ski) of Section Thirty -five , (35), in Township <br />Eleven (11),North' Range Eleven (1'l),� West of. the 6th P.M., <br />in Hall County, Nebraska, under the following terms and con- <br />ditions, to-wit: <br />2. The second party agrees to pa the party of the first <br />part the sum of One Thousand. Dollars (.j`Z000.00) cash, in hand <br />paid, upon' the signing of this contract, the receipt whereof <br />is hereby acknowledged.., and the _sum of Two Thousand Dollars. <br />0,.00) on or 'before March 1, 195'5, and thereafter, except <br />as herein provided; the sum of Three - Thousand Dollars (,3000.00) <br />on or before the Ist day of March, 1956,._and on or before the <br />first day of March of each succeeding year until there shall <br />have been �,Ppaid to the first party the sum of Sixty Thousand <br />Dollars (f6o,000.00), and -on` or before the 1st day of .March, <br />1975, the second party agrees to pay to the first party the <br />further sum of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00). <br />3. All payments are to be made at The First National <br />Bank, Grand Island, Nebraska, and be 'endorsed upon thiscon -. <br />tract. <br />4. The first party surrenders the possession of said <br />premises to the second party forthwith, the first party., how - <br />ever,` retaining any rents for the crop year 1954. So long .as <br />the second party shall not be in default under the terms of <br />this .contract, he is to retain the possession of said premises <br />and be entitled to the rents and profits therefrom. <br />5., The parties hereto agree that of said sum of 03000.00, <br />#2000.00 is for 'rent and ,x`1000.00 is for a payment upon the <br />purchase price of the real estate. <br />6. On - March` 1,; 1975, when said payment of #10,000.00 falls <br />due, in the .event tha'second party is not in default of any of <br />the terms and'con:ditions of this contract, then he shall have <br />an option to pay said sum of ,#10 ;000.00 in'cash in ten (10) <br />annual installments of One Thousand Dollars (91000_.00) each, <br />with interest at the rate of five per cent(5,6 per annum, <br />�. - <br />�( 51.e:, semi - "­0 ,n"°t.he unpaid balance. <br />7., In the, event; the, first party= dies before five full <br />pagmen.ts of Three Thousand' Dollars (900.0.00) . each, or a •total <br />sum of Fifteen Thousand Dollars ( #15.000.00) shall have been <br />paid in full, theh the second party shall wVthin six, (6� months <br />thereafter pay .the. balance; remaining of said um of ,15,000.00,+ <br />in which event his obligation to' pay any, further sum shall <br />cease, and determine and he` shall be entitled to his deed. <br />