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STATE OF NEBRASKA) <br />)ss: AFFIDAVIT <br />CO ';JNi'Y OF HALL ) <br />William U. VanSant and ElLeanor L. VanSant, being fully sworn <br />upon their oath, deposes an- say that they are husband andwife <br />and on the 7th day of June, 1952 purchased of Nitzel & Company, <br />the real estate described-as follows: <br />The North Forty -one feet (N 41t) of Lot Sixty -three (63) <br />and the South Foir Feet (S 4t) of Lot Sixty -two (62), all <br />in Belmont, an Addition to the City of Grand Island, Hall <br />County, Nebraska; <br />that said contract is attached hereto and said real estate therein <br />described as 514 N. Carey, Grand Island, Nebraska is one and the same <br />real estate hereintofore described; that they are in possession of <br />said real estate under said contract of sale and are now in possession <br />of said real estate. <br />Further affiants sayeth not. <br />SAL -R r bed an d sworn to b efore me this 16th day of October, 1954• <br />Notary Public <br />l�,y commission expires June 9, 1960. <br />W ! d <br />0 <br />; <br />bo <br />m+ <br />g. <br />w 4 o c <br />0 <br />. . <br />