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CERTIFICATION <br />Whereas, on the' Z day of --1 J L'� 19 54 , the . CHURCH OF ' CHRIST, <br />tbmk —GRAN ISLAND NEBR.A corporation, the foregoing resolution, <br />A CH OF ooCH GRIST <br />Now, Therefore, the QWAK <br />AND - ISLAND, NE KA, acting by and through the President of its Board of Trustees, as <br />authorized in said resolution, has and does by,these Presents certify said`resofution and file the same for record as directed therein. <br />In Testimony Whereof, the iF CHRIST � <br />— GRAND ISLAND NEBR. )caused this instru t�t to be executed by the President of its <br />Boa-rdOI'i'59teq arld attested by' its Secretary this the 6'! day of <br />CHURCH, 0 <br />j <br />rch / <br />A <br />J \ <br />� V President, Board of T ste s' <br />r` +a�i�eaiyr $�rd pf, FFieS r. . <br />v <br />J y . t �y `w NEBRASKA) ACKNOWLEDGMENT <br />COUNTY OF HALL } <br />On this,2 P,*&day o , 1954, before me, a notary public, in and for said county, <br />personally came and abo named RAYMOND L. SWANSON, PRESIDENT of the Board <br />of Trustees of the Church of Christ, Grand Island, Nebraska, who is personally known <br />u, be the identical person whose name" is affirmed to the above ins'trunient as pre <br />3'ce #�Yile Board of Trustees of said corporation and acknowledged the instrument to <br />•his 4 ]ry.act and deed and the voluntary act and deed of said corporation. <br />' �' •' ;' ia,tnes3�1;? hand and no seal, the date last afore is <br />04 Y S,, <br />.- '; ,,. ,:,, :,•' ,;� /,?f Nota y Publ'e in and for <br />' ' �t'• Hall County, Nebraska <br />My - Cgjgomission expires:y <br />.T <br />0 <br />- H <br />Z <br />pp <br />�j <br />W z <br />z of w - <br />� <br />o M <br />�• ~ <br />r7 <br />wv <br />ti <br />z b <br />Cn z,z._o_ <br />~ <br />w" a-.�O <br />i <br />o� <br />w o <br />bJ <br />q <br />w <br />H <br />0 <br />o <br />y <br />C� <br />z�x ,r, <br />N H <br />O <br />w <br />E. <br />U <br />z <br />0 <br />rA <br />H <br />C q <br />.T <br />.It 4 <br />zb <br />PCI <br />3 C <br />Danz:; •���,; <br />Z <br />pp <br />�j <br />W z <br />z of w - <br />_ , <br />o M <br />�• ~ <br />w <br />wv <br />ti <br />z b <br />Cn z,z._o_ <br />~ <br />w" a-.�O <br />o <br />, <br />o� <br />w o <br />bJ <br />q <br />w <br />0 <br />o <br />y <br />C� <br />z�x ,r, <br />N H <br />w <br />w <br />E. <br />w <br />0 <br />C q <br />O <br />.It 4 <br />zb <br />PCI <br />3 C <br />Danz:; •���,; <br />_. <br />