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This bond is one of a series of 70 bonds, numbered consecutively from one (I) to <br />Geventy ( rZQ ) inclusive, aggregating the sum of <br />Fifteen ($_15, 000- 00 —) Dollars, issued by said church pursuant to a <br />resolution passed by it duly authorizing the same to erect a house of worship on property owned by said church <br />described as: Lots One (1) and Three (3), in Block Twenty -nine (29) <br />in Highland Park Addition to the City of Grand Island, <br />Hall County, Nebraska; <br />and the church has covenanted that the same will not be further mortgaged or encumbered while any of said bonds are outstand- <br />ing and unpaid; failure to pay any bond or interest coupon when due shall, at the option of the legal owners, mature all of <br />said bonds outstanding. <br />And it is recited and certified that all acts, conditions and things required to be done under and by virtue of the resolution <br />authorizing the issuance of this bond, have been properly done, happened and performed in regular and due form as required by <br />said resolution, and that out of the first revenues of said church a sum sufficient to pay the interest and retire all the bonds of the <br />series at maturity has been assigned and will be deposited in a separate account each week to be used for no other purpose. <br />In case this bond is placed in the hands of an attorney for collection, or suit is filed, then the maker hereof agrees and promises <br />to pay reasonable attorneys fees by reason thereof. <br />I. <br />f ITV= "TES�I�IONY WHEREOF, the CHURCH OF CHRIST, GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA <br />a. (Name. of Church) <br />w t� seal to be affixed and this bond signed by its Minister and the President of the Board of Trustees, and attested by its <br />day of August , 19 54 . <br />OF C KIST <br />• C <br />HUR ,9 <br />e of hurch� <br />By �/ `—- ..�t..•tif�y!r�c.,' <br />amster <br />6ecretary, Board of Trustees / President, Board of Trustees <br />j1d <br />'1 <br />k"", ti� �' COUPON FORM On the 1st Day of <br />�'. The CHURCH OF CH NDISLAND- NEBRA—SKA <br />promises to pay to bearer at the OykfeA IA`I`IONAL BANK, GRAN <br />(Name of Bank) ISLAND, NEB MSKi <br />the sum of <br />being six months' interest on C'H11RC'H OF EFRIST, 19 <br />(Name of Church) <br />GRAND "FRHASKAGhurch Building Bond, Series QP <br />i <br />dated I .94_, issued under a certain resolution passed by said church. No. $ <br />>'' _ cretary esident Bond No. <br />ATTORNEY'S CERTIFICATE <br />I J. S. Bracewell, an attorney of the Texas State Bar, hereby certify that the foregoing bond has been lawfully issued in accordance <br />with the , Broadway Plan of church finance and the laws of this State; that the issuing church has made an assignment of its first <br />weekly revenues to the herein named bank sufficient to pay this bond and all of the Series of which it is a part, and the interest <br />thereon, as and when the same shall become due, and said bank is named and designated as an independent paying agent for such <br />r.i. bonds and interest; that when signed by the Treasurer of the church, the same will constitute a valid obligation of said church. <br />I <br />Attorney <br />TREASURER'S CERTIFICATE <br />I, the undersigned Treasurer of the CHURCH OF CHRIST, 'GRAND ISLAND,° NEBRASKA <br />. - -- - (Name of Church) -. <br />hereby certify that I have received payment for the foregoing bond, and that the same has been issued in accordance with the <br />resolution authorizing the same and registered by me, as Treasurer of said Church. L <br />_ <br />� rZ <br />' _ 3 <br />Treasurer EA <br />ti <br />SECTION XIII: That the President of the Board of Trustees of said church is hereby authorized and directed to certify to E' <br />this resolution as the act and deed of said church and file the same for record in the office of the recorder of county above mentioned # <br />and do all acts 'necessary or appropriate to effect a lawful sale of said bonds. <br />i° <br />SECTION XIV: That the church hereby adopts as its seal, for the purpose of E', <br />executing all instruments in connection with this bond issue only, the seal appearing) <br />on the foregoing form for said bonds. <br />SECTION XV: That there is owing on the above described property that certain in- <br />debtedness in the sum of approximately $1100. 00, payable to Bertha Pankratz, and the <br />treasurer is hereby authorized and directed to pay such indebtedness out of the pro- <br />ceeds of the bond sales.. <br />SSED at a co Terence of CHURCH OF CHRIST, GRAND ISLAND NEBRASKA <br />_ -- / <br />- --'- "'' (Name of Church) _ <br />t <br />o e ay of ` I9 54 <br />s Robert—. Silve 1 Glen Bettenhausen <br />Clerk Moderator (' <br />