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Av'i+ i DAVI T. <br />Mate of ��ebraska, ) <br />( ss <br />Hall County. <br />.rthur u. < "ibbott, of Grand. Island, Mall County, Aebraska, <br />being; fiirst duly sviorn, on his oath states: that he has <br />known 'I'>illiam 1, . Hagge, late of Hall County, Nebraska, for <br />more than: 62- years last pasty that affiant knows personally <br />that illia.r A. ��agge on. October 1, 1954 a resident of <br />riall Coun -ty, .,lebraska 3 affiant was a pall bearer at the <br />funeral of .Alliam $gib Hagge on. October 4, 1954 anc: saw him <br />buried in t.,-,e vrand islai-d Cemetery on October 4, 1954. <br />1'hat illiam i. Hagge died owninL lands in joint tenancy <br />with his brothers, i1uL;us I . Hagge an(� r'red J. Hagge in <br />naL.,8es' _7ubdivision and other lands in bection 28 in .iownshtip <br />115 :,or th, iian,,'e 9 ' est of the 6 P. iv . and in section 29 in <br />Township 11, +orth, Range 9 `. est of the 6 ! . L. and owning <br />other land in said erection 28 in joint tenancy with his said <br />brothers above named and with his sister, Clara Hagge. <br />r'urther affiant saith not. Dated at Grand Island, Nebraska, <br />October 6, 1954. <br />subscribed in my presence and sworn to before me this <br />bth day of Ucotber, 1954 by ',rthur G. Abbott. .fitness my <br />hand and official seal at Grand Island, ball County, ivebraska. <br />Register of Deeds 'of Ha, <br />k�ras.1��.: <br />3i <br />Filed for record October 6 1954, at 2:25 P.M. <br />Register of Deeds <br />Hall County, Neb. <br />