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y <br /> �w�: <br /> WILL AND D�CR.E� RECORD No. 10 � <br /> 98892-TNEAUGUSTINECO.CRANDISLIIND.NEBR. <br /> r '' WILL AND DECREE , <br /> LAS? 1�ILL AND T�.STAMENT OF 1�1ARY EGGSRS. <br /> r�� I, MarT Lggers, of Crand Islarrd,�all County, Ntbraska, bein� of sound mind and dispoaing mme�a�y, da �ake� p�blish <br /> and declare this sq last r�ill as�d testament; <br /> �'�: I direct that �y �nst debts, the fnaeral expense �nd expenses of my lsst illn�ss be first paid by mT executora <br /> �tertinafter named. <br /> . <br /> SECUND: I gfve, d�vise and beq�eath to � aon, 4ttv Eggers, mp ho�e described a� lota One (1) a�d trc (2) in bluck <br /> :event�fonr (T4) in the Ori�inal Taan now City of Grand Islarid, he to have the samme absolntely. <br /> THIRD: Sub�ect to the fore�oing, I give, dev�£se and bequeath all of the reaiainder of m� praperty, wt�ether real, peraoea2 <br /> or mixed, and where�ar aituated and oMmed b�* me at the time of nq� deatt�, to mp aaas, Otto Eggera and Henry Eggers, ahare <br /> and share alike. <br /> FOIIRTH; I hereb� name, no�ainate and appoint m� sons, t3tto Eg�ers and Henry Eggers aa eaecutors of this mp� last rrill and <br /> testament. <br /> FIF"TH; I hereby revoke any and all former Ni11s by me made. <br /> � � _ IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereto signed my hand to the foregoing instrmnent at Grand Island, Nebraska, this 14th <br /> day of Septe�ber, A.D. 1937. ' <br /> B _T Cunningham Mar'Y E�Bers <br /> Mar�orie Pulliam <br /> i�e, �rhoffie�nl�mes are hereto snbscrib�d, do hereb� certify that � Eggers, the testator, signed the abo�►e instrtment, <br /> consist�ng of one pa�e of type�+ritten matter, in o�r presencs and hearing and at the aame time declared said instr�nt <br /> to be her last will and testament, and we, at her reque$t, and in her presence, did sign our na�s as attestin� �+itnessea. <br /> B 1 Cunnin�ham Of Grand Island, Nebraska. <br /> Mar�iorie Pnlliam Of Grand Island, Nebraska. <br /> NALL COtJNTY, NEBRASKA F I L E D MAY 1 1950 CHAItLES BOSSERT CQtI�[ J[TDGE <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA ) <br /> ' ) ss. CERTIFICATE OF PROBATE OF WILL <br /> HALL C0�)NTY ) <br /> At'a Se�sion of the County Goart held in the County Conrt Roo� in Grand Island, ir� said County, on the 24th da, of <br /> May A.D., 1950 <br /> ' Present Charles Bossert eo,�ut� J�age <br /> In t�e Matter of the Estate of <br /> ,� I�ry E�ers , Decea$ed <br /> I, Charles Boasert, Jndge of the Coanty �onrt, in and for said County, do hereby certify that un the lst daT of <br /> Map 295�, thc instr�eat purporting to be the last ai11 and testa�ent of Marp Eggers deceased, was filed for probate in <br /> this �ourt. That cn the �4th day of Map 1950, said inatr��nt to Which this certificate 3s attached xa� daly proved, <br /> prdbat�d and a1loWed as the laat �rill and testament of the real and peraonal estate of said Mar�► E�gers decea:ed, ai�d <br /> the �a�e r�aa crdered to be recorded in the records of the Court aforeaaid. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have here�nto set e�► ha�d and affi�ced the seal of the County Conrt, this 24th da� of May 1950 <br /> (��,) Charlea Bossert <br /> AALL COtINTY, NEBRASKA F I L E D MAY 24 1950 County J�ge <br /> CHARLES BOSSERT �OC�NTY Jti13GE <br /> IN THE COiTNT7 COtTRT OF HALL COUNTY,, NEBRASKA <br /> IN THE MATTER UF' THE ESTATE ) <br /> ) <br /> �F ) FIl�iAL DECREE <br /> ) <br /> MARY FGGERS, DECEAS$D. ) <br /> NoW,, oa this 27th day of Deeember, 1958, this canse came on for hearing npon the Fiaal Report of Otto Eggers and <br /> He�ry Eggers, executor� of the estate of l�fa�ry Eggers, de�eased, prayin� for the approval of their repert and for tbeir <br /> discharge as eaecutors and, it appearing to the court frc�m the proof on file, tbat the said executors have accs�mted <br /> for ail preperty co�in� into their hand� as executors of the said estate, that their report is corre�t and oaght to be <br /> allc�d; that dne aotfce Waa given to all peraons interested in said estate of the ti�e aad place of the hearfn� on <br /> said repvrt, as provided by law aad the erder of this cot�rt. <br /> IT LS, ?AER�'ORE, ORDERED, ADJUBC�D ADTD DE�REED bp the court that the Final Aepc+rt of Ott� ��ers and HenrT E�ara, <br /> � pcecutors, is cortect aad the same is hereb�* approved and allawed. <br /> The ca�art Purther finds tbat tht said Mary E�gtrs departed this lif� on Lht I9tb day of April, 195�, that ahe vras, <br /> at the t3ae of her death, a i�esident of Nall CouatT, Nebraska; that she left a Laat Mill aad Teatament Mhich �ras daly <br /> proven and sllcnred ta probate iu this c0art on the 24th day of May, 1950; that E)tta Eggers and Henry Eggers were <br /> appointed executors, gave bond as such, that they hare paid all of the debts ef tb� deceased, fnneral expense, the <br /> expenses of the la�t illness, the court cc�t� and attorney .fees and if t�ere are aa� outatandin� claisa against said <br /> estate not fileci in the time fixed by the court, tbat the same are forever barred and preclucied. <br /> The conrt f�rther finds that nnder the terms of the Last Will and Teatament of Marp E�ers, deceased, that Lots <br /> One and Two in Blcck 3event�-four in the Ori�inal Tc+n�n nc�r City of Grand ialand, �tebraska� passed and descend�d in <br /> absolnte title tc Otto E�gers; that all other property arned by the decaaaed at the ti�e of her de�th d�d paas and <br /> descend in equal shares tu Otto Eg�ers and Henry Eg�ers, s�rvivin� so�s of Marp E�gers, deceaaed. <br /> Tbe court f�rther finds that at the death of the aaid Mary Eggers, she was the �er of the folla�rfn� described <br /> rea�, estate, to�rit: <br /> The Sautih Half of Lot Five in Block Sixty-five in the uri�inal to�+n, now citp, of Grand Island� Nall Connty, <br /> Nebr�„�k�, <br /> an�' <br /> Lmta One and 1wo in Block Seventy-four in the ori�inal tcr�n, nvw city', af Grand Island, Nebraska. <br /> Th� co�rt f�rther finds that t�e South Half of Lot Five in Block Si.aty-five ia the origfnal tvwn� nex city, of <br /> Crand Island� Ha11 Connty, Nebraska did pass an� deSCead to Otto Eggers sad Henry Bgger� in eqnal shares to eack; that <br /> Lots One, a�a�d 'l�ro in Blc�ck Seventy-four in the original te�ra, ncn+ city, of (3rand I�land, Nebraska, psased a�d aesceaded <br /> i�a absdl�a�e title to Otto Eggers. <br />