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� _ _ _ <br /> WILL AND D�CREE RECORD No. 10 �-�- <br />�. 88892�THEAUGUSTINECO.GRAN�ISLAND,NEBR. <br /> F I L F D IN COtT�TY COURT <br /> CITY: � COtJI�TX OF DE1�VF.R, COLC. <br />, OCT 10 I94Q <br /> ,)ohn L, Griffith, <br /> Clerk <br /> STATE OF COL�R�1l)0 ) <br /> ) SS. <br /> City and Courxty of Penver �J <br /> I, JO1� L. CRIFFTTH, Clerk of the County Court of the Ci�y and County of Denver, do hereby certify the foregoing <br /> ; to be a full, true and c�rrect photooraphzc copy nf the original Perztien for Probate of j�'i.11, et�, .filed August 24, <br /> 1949; Last t�1i11 and Testame�t; full, true and correct c�py of the original Order of Frobate entered October 10, 1949; <br /> ' ful1, true and �orrect photographic copy of the original Proof of PuUlication with Publisherfs Affidavit of <br /> Citatiozi to attend probate of t�'ill, filed October 10, 1949-- in my custody, as the same remai.n(s) oii file and of <br /> record in my office, in the matter of the Esta.te of -�--?�1ARY F,. PFTFRS, Deceased.--- <br /> And i further certify that the ��*ithin Last Will and Testament was duly esecuted and proved agreeably to the <br /> -=; laws and usages of the State of Colorado, and that said Will was admitted to probate an3 recorded in strict con- <br /> formity with the laws a��ci usages of the said State of Colorado in such case ;nade and provided. <br /> [aitnesC my sig}iature and the s�a.l of said Court this 15th da3• of :�ovember, 19�9. <br /> _Tohn L. �,riffi�h <br /> , '`,, (SFAL) Clerk of the County Court. <br /> r <br /> L"�ITF.D STATF.S OF A'�1�'RIC:1 <br /> ,k STATE Or C�LORADC�, ) <br /> � � ) SS. <br /> x` C�t� and County of Demrer, ) <br /> ��'� CFRTIFICATE OF Jt'nGE � <br /> I, C. F.. KFTTFRI\'G, Judge of the County Court, ��ithin and for the C.ity and County of Denver, and State of � <br /> Colorado, the same being a Court of Reco.rd having common law ju�isdiction, a Seal and a Clerk, hereby certify that <br /> ,john L, C.riffith, whose name is signed to �he foregoing certificate and attestation, was at the time of the signing <br /> and ensealing of the same, and is n�c�, C].erk of the County Court, within and for the City and County of Denver, <br /> and State of ^�lorado, duly appointed and qua.lified as such, and the keeper of the Seal and the custodian of the <br /> Records of said Court; that I a;n well acquainted �vith the ha.ndwriting of the said Clerk and kno�a his signature and <br /> verily belie��e the signature to the sai.d certifica*e and attestation to be the genuine signature of the said Clerk; <br /> that the seal affixed to said is the Seal of said Coun�y �ourt; that full faith and cre3it are due and <br /> of ri.;ht ought to be �iven to all *he official acts of the said Clerk in Courts of Record, and elsewhere, and that <br /> the said certificate and attestation are in due form of law and b3� the proper officer. <br /> tditness my hand this 15th day of �ovember, A. D. 1949, <br /> C. I:. Kettering <br /> Judge of the County Court. <br /> ST�1TE OF COLC���'�DO, ) � <br /> ) SS. <br /> City an�� County of Denver, ) <br /> CERT TF TC�TF. OF CLT?.FK <br /> 7, JON\ L. CRIPP'IT;i, Clerk of the County Court, within and for the City and County of Denver, and State of <br /> Colorado, tlie sa�ne being a Court of Record, hereby certify that ^. E. Ker,tering, whose name is signed to the foregoing <br /> certificate an3 attestation, c,ras at the time of the signing and ensealing of the same, an3 is now, Judge of the <br /> County Court, �ai�hin an� for the City un.� County of DenLer, and State of Colorado, duly elected and qualified; that <br /> I am well ac�uainted � the handwriting of the S�i.a �ua�e and knotr his signature, and verily- believe the signature <br /> to the f orVgoing certificate and attestati.on to be the genuine sienature of the said Judge. <br /> tti'i.tness my hand and the seal of said Coizrt hereto affixed this 15th day �f November, A. D, 194�. <br /> Tohn L, Criffi*h <br /> (SF9L) Clerk of the County Court. <br /> E�DORSF;��NT: CQII�TY CCL?RT <br /> CTTY A'�'D COU'.��TX OF DF.'�'VI:R COL(!2Ai10 <br /> I:� FROI3:ATT; <br /> P,o. �?'361 <br /> I\ TFiE *'LITTFR OF TiIE F.ST:ITF <br /> OF <br /> �1ary r. Peters <br /> PF.TIT?ON, ;�ILL, ORDr>R, <br /> CITATI�N: <br /> C. F, Kettering, <br /> Judge. ' <br />� Johri L, Gr�i,ffzth, <br /> Clerk, <br /> CrRT7FIC,ITE QF PROB:\TE OF !�'ILL <br /> STATi; OF I�F.T3RASKA ) <br /> )SS. GF.RTIFICATF OF PROI�ATE OF FQREIG\ t�'II,L <br /> HALL COL'NTY ) <br /> At a Session of the Coun�y Coitrt held in the County Court Room in C.rand Island, in said County, .on the 4th <br /> da.y of �anuary A.D., 1950. <br /> ' Present Charles Bossert County Judge <br /> 7n th� �ta.tter of the F,state of !�1ary F,. Peters, Dc�ccased <br /> I, Charles Bossert, Jitd�e of the County Court, in ana for �ai.d County, do hereby certify that on the 9th day <br /> of DecemUer 19�9, duly authentica.ted co�ies of an instrument purportin; to bc the last c,�ill and testament of Mary <br /> E. Peters deceaszd, was fil.ed for pr�obate in this Court. That on the 4th day of janu�ry 1950, said instrument to <br /> which this certi.f.icate is attached. was duly proved, prol�ated al�d allowed as the last will and testament of the real <br /> and gersonal esta.te of said ?�tary F.. P�ters deceased, and the same was ordered to be recorded in the records of the <br /> Court aforesaid. <br /> T\ t±'IT�F,SS jti'HERi'C�F, I ha��e hereunte set my hand ai�� affi�ed the saal �f the County Court, this 4th day of <br /> January 1950. <br /> (SEAL) Charles Bossert <br /> County Judge <br /> HALL CO(�T`I, NFBR:ISKA F I L F D JA'� 4 1950 CH�IRLF,S Fi�SSi?RT <br /> COI?tiTY Jt1ncr, <br />