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r <br /> WILL� AND DECR.EE RECORD No. 10 � <br /> 98892-THE�UGUSTINECO.GRANDISLAN�,NEBR. � <br /> CERTI�`ICATE 0� FROBATF OF WILL � <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA ) <br /> )SS. CF.RTTFTCATL OF PRORATF OF tdILL <br /> HALL COUNTY ) � <br /> t1t a Session of the County Court held in the County Court Room ir. Grand 7sland, in said County, on the 19th <br /> day of April A. n., 1950. <br /> Present Charles Bessert County Judge <br /> In the Matter of the Estate of Lloyd L. Ricl<ard, Decease� <br /> I, Charles Bossert, Judge of the County Court, in and f�r said County, do hereby certify that on the 27th <br /> day of Ma.rch 1950, the instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of Ll.oyd L. Rickard deceased, was <br /> filed for probate in this Court. That on the 19th day of April 1950, sai.d instrument to which thi.s certi.ficate is <br /> attached ��as duly proved, probated a.nd allowed as the last will a.nd testament of -the real and personal estate of <br /> said Llayd L. Rickard deceased, and the same was ordered to be recorded in the records of the Court aforesaid. <br /> I�` SdITI�'ESS �ti�HERF.OF, I liave hereunto set my hand a.i�d. affilced the seal of the County Court, this 19th day of <br /> April 1950. <br /> (SEAL) Charles Bossert <br /> County Judge <br /> HALL COL'NTY, ?�FBRASKA F I L E D APR 19 1�50 <br /> CHARLES BOSSERT COl?NTY JUP.GF, <br /> I\ THE COI?I�'TY COURT OF HALL COU�TY, NEBRISKA <br /> IN THF: M:!1TTER OF THE F.STATE ) <br /> ) <br /> OF ) FT\'AL DrCREE <br /> ) � <br /> LLOYD L. RICKARD, DF.CF,ASED. ) <br /> 1�Tow on the 29th day of �1'ovember, 1950, this cause came on to be heard a.nd evidence was taken on the Final <br /> Report and Petition for Discharge of Glad3�s Powers, executrix un.der the Last Will and Testament of Lloyd C. Rickard, <br /> deceased, and the matter was heard on the distribution of the real and personal property of said estate and the <br /> assignment of the personalty and realty in said estate, whereof the court finds that due and legal notice of the <br /> time and petition for discharge has been giveii all persons interested in said estate, as provided by law, and where- <br /> upon the court being fully advised in the premises, finds as follows:-- <br /> 1. <br /> That sai.d Final Report of Gladys Powers, executrix under the Last Will and Testament of Lloyd L. Rickard, <br />' deceased, is in all respects just, true and correct except as herei.nafter sho�an; that all claims alloa*ed against <br /> said estate have hePn auiy gaid and satisfied; that if there are any other claims, the same are forever barred and <br /> precluded; that said estate is now solvent and that inheritance taxes due the State of Nebraska have been paid. <br /> 2. <br /> That according to the terms of the said Last Will and Testament of Lloyd L. Rickard, 3eceased, the business <br /> known as TTFire C.renade Systems", including the inventory and toals, equipment, together with the real estate <br /> described as the <br /> East Twenty Ft. (E20t) of Lot Five (5) and Lat Si.x (6) in Stehr�s Sub Division in the k'est Half <br /> (W2) of the Southwest Quarter (SW4), Section F,leven (11), Township Eleven (11), 1�'orth, Range Nine <br /> (9), West of the 6th P, M., Hall County, Nebraska, <br /> descends and passes to Robert Ri.ckard in fee simple title, the said Robert Rickard being the son of the deceased <br /> testator. <br /> 3. <br /> That accarding to the terms of the Last WilZ and Testament of the said Lloyd L. Rickard, deceased, Nelda K. <br /> Phillips is given a cash bequest of $2,000, said bequest being subject to an inheritance taac in the sum of $120; <br /> that Gladys Powers, sister of the testator and executrix herein, is given a cash bequest of $500 under the provision <br /> of the said Last t4Til1 and Testament. <br /> 4. <br /> That according to t�e terms of the Last Will and Testament ef said deceased, following the bequest and devise <br /> Fire Grenade Systems, including the real estate therewath to the said Robert Rickard, and the said cash bequest to <br /> Nelda N. Phillips and the sa�d cash bequest to the said C�ladys Powers, all the remaining property of the said <br /> testator, passes and descends equally, share and share alike to Robert Rickard, son of the testator, and A'ellie <br /> Rickard, the wife of the deceased testator, <br /> 5. <br /> And the court sets over and assigns to the said Robert Rickard and Nellie Rickard, share and share alike, one <br /> note and mortgage on a 1941 Chevrolet Pickup, in the face amount af $200, and the rights to Che proceeds of one <br /> insuFficient fund check drawn on Walter C. Dillon, dated March 9, 1949. <br /> 6. <br /> The Court fin.ds that inheritance tax is due only on the bequest of Nelda N. Phillips aforesaid, in the sum <br /> of �120 and that there are court costs due in said matter in the sum of $64.50. <br /> 7. <br /> The court further finds that following the payment of the inheritance ta.x in the sum of $120 aforesaid, <br /> together with the payrnent of the court costs in the sum of $64.50, and upon the filing of the receipts and releases <br /> in said cause, the executriJC herein, Gladys Powers, is forever released ar.d discharged from her trust as executrix <br /> in said estate and the sureties on her bond are released. <br /> I I"1' i�, THERF,FORE, CONSIDF,RED, ADJUDGED, ORDERED AND DF.CREED BY THE COURT, that the Final Report of the said <br /> Gladys Powers, executrix under the Last Will and Testament of Lloyd L. Ricka.rd, deceased, be and the same is <br /> hereby in all things approved, confirmed and allowed; that upon payment of the court costs of $64.50, and upon the <br />