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118 <br />THEIIUGUSTINECO. 20112.2.41 <br />band and was not, survived by child nor children, nor child nor children of a predeceased child <br />and was survived. only by t;:e following persons interested in her estate, to -wit: Linnie Curry <br />Walker, Tillie Raitt, Faye Curry Stannard sisters of said deceased who constitute her sole and <br />only heirs at law'. <br />EXHIBIT " " , Sheet 2. <br />g. That no inheritance tax, excise tax, nor Federal Estate Tax is due, owing, nor chargeable <br />herein. <br />Wherefore it is considered, ordered, adjudged, and decreed that the findings herein made be and <br />same are by this reference as fully incorporated herein and as fully adjudged, ordered and decreed <br />hereby, the same as if now herein repeated and_ specifically set out at length. <br />It is further considered, or.d.ered, adjudged, and decreed specifically that the final report of <br />said Claud Raitt as administrator of the estate of May Smith, deceased, be and the same is in all <br />things a.p ~proved and confirmed.. <br />It is further considered, ordered, adjudged, and. decreed that said Linnie Curry Walker, Tillie <br />Raitt, and Faye Curry Stannard are the sole and only heirs at law of said May Smith, deceased, and <br />as sucrn, each take an undivided one -third interest in all of the real estate whereof said decedent <br />died seized in the State of Nebraska and one -third interest each in the funds and personal property <br />in the hands of said. administrator for distribution, and that upon said administrator paying over <br />to said. Linnie Curry Walker, Tillie Raitt, and Faye Curry Stannard each the sum of $889.91, and <br /> and assigning to each an undivided one -third interest in the following described property, <br />to -wit: 1 share stock in Farmers Grain Co. of Garrison, Nebr. Cert. #18 1 Share of Stock in <br />Farmers Union Co- operative Association of Butler County, Nebraska Cert. #107 2 Shares of <br />Stock Farmers Co- operative Grain Co. of Garrison, Nebraska, Cert. #B 64 also 300 bu. oats, 200 <br />bu. barley and 1G-,O bu. corn and 3 ton hay and file in this court receipts evidencing the same, <br />that he be discharged a.-- such administrator and he and his bondsmen released from further liability. <br />It is further considered, adjudged, and decreed that the following described real estate, to- <br />wit: <br />The North -half of the Northeast Quarter of Section Eleven (11) Township Fourteen (14), north <br />Range Two (2) East of the 6th P.M. in Butler County, Nebraska. <br />The Southeast Quarter of Section Thirty -six (36), Township Fifteen (15) North,Range Two (2), <br />East of the 6th P.M. in Butler County, Nebraska. <br />Lot Three (3) in Block 49 in Russell Wheeler's Addition to the city of Grand Islan d,Nebra.ska, <br />also fractional Lot Three (3) in Block Six (6) in Gilbert's Addition to the City of Grand Island, <br />Nebraska. <br />The North half of the Northwest Quarter and the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of <br />Section 11 Township 14 North Range 2 east of the 6th P.M. in Butler County, Nebraska. <br />together =,,iith all other re ^1 estate whereof said deceased died seized or possessed in the state <br />of Nebraska be and the same is hereby assigned. one- third, undivided interest each to said Linnie <br />Curry Walker, Tillie Raitt and Faye Curry Stannard in absolute fee title. <br />By Order of the Court: <br />J. C. Hranac, County Judge ( SEAL) <br />State of Nebraska ) I, J.C.Hranac, County Judge within and for Butler County, Nebraska, <br />Butler County )ss' hereby certify that the above nd foregoing is a true, correct, complete <br />and perfect copy of the original Final Decree entered March 14th, 1941, in the matter of the estate <br />of May Smith, deceased, as the same is of record in the County Court of Butler County,Nebra.ska. <br />Witness my hand and seal of the County Court this 15th day of March, 1941. <br />J.C.Hranac, County Judge <br />(SEAL) by-Stella M.Hoker, <br />Clerk of'the County Ct. <br />The A.L.HUGHES ABSTRACT & LOAN COMPANY being a duly authorized and bonded abstract company <br />does hereby certify that the above consisting of two sheets is a true copy of the final decree <br />In the matter of the estate of May Smith, d.eceased, as same a.ppears of record in the office of <br />the County Clerk of Butler Co., Nebr. in Book 12 at page 516 -of the Misc. Rec. of said County. <br />Dated this 18th day of.March, 1941. <br />A.L.HUGHES ABSTRACT & LOAN COMPANY <br />(CORP) By Bess M.Leat, <br />(SEAL) President <br />Filed for record. this 27 day of March, 1942. at 10:45 o'clock A.M. <br />Register of Deeds-. <br />0-0-0- <br />WILL AND DECREE <br />LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF ALBERT QUANDT <br />I, Albert Quandt, of Hall County, Nebraska, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do make <br />and publish this, my last will and testament, by it revoking all former wills by me made. <br />FIRST. <br />I direct that my Executor, hereinafter named, pay all of my just debts, including the expense <br />of my last sickness and death, the costs and expense of admitting this will to probate, and ad- <br />ministering my estate, from such personal property as I may have on hand at the time of my death. <br />If that be insufficient, I authorize my said Executor to sell, so much of my real estate as may be <br />necessary for that purpose, the within being his full and complete authority to make necessary <br />deeds of transfer without order from any court whatsoever. <br />SECOND <br />I give, devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife, ketta Quandt, all of my property, both real <br />and persona., of whatsoever kind or description, and wherever situated, of which I die possessed,. <br />to be by her held for and during the term of -her natural life; she to take the rents, profits and <br />income from said property during her life time, and she being required to keep the buildings and <br />improvements on real estate insured.and in reasonably fit condition, and to pay the taxes on all <br />property. <br />J <br />j\ <br />II <br />L <br />[1 <br />