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103 <br />W 3t <br />'I "I * O�M � 1 00, <br />IN THE COUNTY COUNT OF HALL COUN'lY,NEBRASKA. <br />In the Matter of the Estate ) <br />Of ) DECREE OF DISTRIBUTION <br />Soren M.Sonderup, deceased. ) <br />Now on this 18th day of February, 1942, this cause came on for hearing before the Court upon <br />the final account of The First National Bank of Grand Island, Executor, and its petition for dis- <br />tribution. The Court being fully advised in the premises finds from the evidence duly introduced, <br />and from a careful examination of the said final account, that the same is true and correct in all <br />respects and should be approved and confirmed by the Court. <br />The Court further fines that all proceedings have been been had in the foregoing estate for the <br />determination and allowance of claims, that a time and place for the filing of claims against said <br />estate has been duly fixed by order of Court, and due notice thereof given to creditors and all <br />other persons interested therein; that said time has expired and that all claims, debts and demands <br />against said estate have been paid and all legacies, funeral charges, inheritance taxes, and all <br />other demands of every kind and nature have been fully paid. <br />The Court further finds that the heirs at law of the said. Soren M.Sonderup and the legatees <br />under said last will and testament have agreed upon the distribution of all personal property re- <br />maining after the payment of said legacies and. indebtedness; that the said H.L.Sonderup has duly <br />assigned all his interest in said personal property to F.J.Sonderup and Effie Sonderup, as set <br />forth in said petition for distribution, and that the said F.J.Sonderup and Effie Sonderup have <br />agreed in writing to the distribution of the residue of said personal property therein set forth, <br />and that there remains no personal assets for distribution to the legatees thereof, except that <br />the automobil personal articles, wearing apparel, Jewelry, household fixtures and furniture <br />should be assigned and delivered to Effie Sonderup, as set forth therein, and that the said <br />Executor should duly assign and deliver to the said Effie Sonderup the United States Bond in the <br />principal sum of $1000.00, with accrued interest thereon. <br />The Court further finds that the said Soren M.Sonderup died seized of the real estate herein- <br />after described, which, by the terms of his last will and testament, is devised to and should be <br />assigned and distributed to the devisees therein named and. as hereinafter set forth. <br />That the said Soren M.Sonderi.:,p departed this life in Hall County, 4braska, on July 3, 1941, <br />being a resident and inhabitant of said county, and leaving a last will and testament which has <br />been duly admitted to probate therein. <br />IT IS, THEREFORE, ORDERED AND DECREED by the Court, that the final account of the said Executor <br />be and the same is hereby ap -roved and confirmed, and-upon execution of the assignments herein <br />provided for, and. the execution of any other instruments that may be necessary and proper to carry <br />out the distribution agreed upon, the said Executor be discharged from its trust; that the real <br />estate of the said decedent be and the same is hereby assigned and distributed to the devisees <br />thereof, as provided in said last i.,rill and testament, as follows: <br />To Effie Sonderu . <br />Lot Six (6 in Block Three (3), in Spaulding & Gregg's Addition to the <br />City of Grand Island, Hall County, 1 ebra.ska. <br />To Fred J.Sonderup: <br />The South Half of the Southeast Quarter (SASE ) of Section Thirty -five (35) <br />Township Sixteen (16), in Range Ten (10), West of the 6th P.M., in Howard <br />County, Nebraska. <br />To Hans L.Sonderup: <br />The South Half of the. Southeast Quarter and the South Half of the Southwest <br />Quarter (S -1SE4 & S -2SWil) of Section Two (2), Township Fifteen (15), North of <br />Range Ten M , West 6th P.M., Howard County, Nebraska. <br />To Effie Sonderup and Fred J.Sonderup, in equal shares: <br />The North Half of the Southeast Quarter (I�'SE�), the Southeast Quarter of the <br />Northeast Quarter (SE2 NEB) and the Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter <br />(NEB SW-41) of Section Two 125, in Township Fifteen (15), Range Ten (10),West of the <br />6th P.M., in Howard County, Nebraska. <br />Paul N. Kirk <br />COUNTY JUDGE <br />