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FINAL DECREE: <br />-No* 7; HALL COUNTY <br />IN COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY,NaRASKA. <br />In the matter of the estate <br />DECREE <br />of Lena Kannow,deceased. <br />Now on this 22nd day of September 1930, this cause came on for hearing upon the verified <br />petition of Clar aSchave heretof or filed herein,praying that the date and place of death,residence <br />at death,heirship and the degree of kinship of Lena Kannow,deceased may be determined and that it <br />may be adjudged and decreed by the court that Frank Schave , Ewald Schave, Clara Schave and Theo- <br />dore Kannow are the sole and only heirs at law of said deceased,and that the degree of their <br />kinship to the deceased is that of children and that the real estate hereinafter described did <br />descend to said children in fee simple and that all debts,if any such therebe,against said estate <br />be barred.And the court being fully advised in the premises,finds that due and legal notice has <br />been given to all persons,both heirs at law,and creditors of said deceased,of the time and place <br />fixed by the court for hearing upon said petition by publication thereof ,for three successive <br />weeks in the Grand Island Daily Independent,a daily newspaper published and of general circulation <br />in Hall County,Nebraska,as heretofore ordered by the court. <br />After the taking of testimony and hearing the argument of council,the court being fully advised <br />in the premises finds as f ollows; to -wit: The court finds generally that the allegations contained <br />in the petition of Clara Schave are true;that Lena Kannow died intestate on August 12,19181at her <br />home and residence in Hall County,Nebraska ;that at the time of her death,said Lena Kannow was a <br />resident and inhabitant of said Hall County;that she left surviving her as her sole and only heirs <br />at law,her daughter Clara Schave,the petitioner,Frank Schave, a son,Ewald Schave,a son,Theodore <br />Kannow,a son;that the degree of kinship of the petitioner and said other heirs at law is that of <br />children;tha.t at the time of her death,the deceased was seised of an estate of inheritance and was <br />the owner of,by fee simple title,of Lot Ten (10),in Block Five (5),in 'College Addition to West <br />Lawman addition to the City of Grand Island,County of Hall,State of Nebraska;that under the <br />intestate laws of the State of Nebraska, said real estate passed and descended on her death to <br />Clara Schave, Frank Schave,Ewald Schave and Theodore Kannow,her children and her sole and only <br />heirs at law in fee simple.That Clara Schave at the time of the filing of the petition was the <br />owner of an estate of inheritance in said real estate and was the owner thereof in fee simple by <br />inheritance and by mesne conveyances from the other said children of the deceased,and was a proper <br />and competent person to prosecute this proceeding;that more than two years had elapsed since the <br />death of said Lena Kannow;that no application had been made in the State of Nebraska,for the <br />appointment of an administrator of the estate of the deceased,either by her heirs or by persons <br />claiming to be creditors of said deeeased;that the funeral expenses,and all debts of said deceased <br />have been fully paid and if any debts exist against the estate of said deceased,the same have long <br />since been barred by the statute of limitations of the State of Nebraska;that the estate of said <br />deceased is not subject to federal or state inheritance taxes,and that the petitioner is entit- <br />led to a decree and order of the court as in her petition prayed;that the costs of this proceeding <br />in the sum of $27.42 have been paid. <br />IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED,ADJUDGED AND DECREED BY THE COURT,that Lena Kannow died intestate on <br />August 12,1919,at her home in Hall County,Nebraska,that at the time of her death,she was a resident <br />and inhabitant of said Hall County;that she left surviving her as her sole and only heirs at law, <br />her daughter,Clara Schave,the petitioner,Frank Schave,a son,Ewald Schave,a son,and Theodore Kannow, <br />a son; that the degree of kinship of said heirs to the deceased is that of children;that at the <br />time of her death,the deceased was seised of an estate of inheritance and was the owner in fee <br />simple of Lot Tern (10),in Block Five (5),in College Addition to best Lawman addition to the City <br />of Grand Island,in Hall County,State of Nebraska;that under the intestate laws of the state of <br />