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M <br />7111 A-VID DMIUM " <br />� _23 M-MUDEW <br />witnesses. <br />CERTIFICATE OF PROBATE OF "GILL <br />State of Nebraska, ) <br />as. <br />Hall County, At a session of the <br />Wm.Suhr,of Grand Island,Nebr. <br />Bernice E.Matthews,of Grand Island,Nebraska. <br />County Court held in the County Court Room in Granfii <br />lsland,in said County,on the 27th day of February A.D.,1929• <br />Present Paul N..Kirk County Judge. <br />In the Matter of the Estate <br />of <br />William C.Mullen,deceased. <br />I,Paul N.Kirk Judge of the County Court in and for said County,do hereby certify that on <br />the 15th day of January 1929,the instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of <br />William C.Mullen,deceased,was filed for probate in this Court. That on the 27th day of February <br />1929,said instrument to which this certificate is attached was duly proved,probated and allow! <br />ed as the last will and testament of the real and personal estate of said William C.Mullen, <br />deceased,and the sane was ordered to be recorded in the records of the Court aforesaid. <br />IN WITNESS MiEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the County Court <br />this 27th day of February 1929. <br />(SEAL) Paul PJ.Kirk <br />County Judge. <br />IN THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY,NEBRASKA. <br />In the matter of the estate <br />FINAL DECREE. <br />of William C.Mullen, ) <br />Deceased. ) <br />Now,on this 20th day of August,1929,this cause came on for hearing upon the final report <br />of R.R.Horth,Executor of the last will and testament of William C.Mullen,deoeased,and upon <br />i <br />his petition for the approval of said report,the settlement of said estate,and his discharge <br />herein,and the Court having examined the records and files herein,and being fully advised in', <br />the premix es,finds that said report was duly filed herein,and that notice of the filing of <br />the same was duly given to allpersons interested in said estate,as heretofore ordered by the <br />Court,and the Court having examined said report,together with the vouchers on file ,finds <br />that said report is true and correct in all things and that the same ought to be approved an <br />allowed as and for the final report of said Executor,said Executor discharged and said estat <br />settled and closed. <br />The Court further finds that due and legal notice has been given to all persons of the ti <br />and place fixed for filing claims against said estate and that the time so fixed has fully <br />expired,that all claims filed against said estate have been paid by said Executor,and that al <br />persons having claims against said estate,and not fil ed,if any such there be,are forever <br />barred and excluded from setting up or asserting any such claims against said estate. <br />The Court further finds that said Executor sold the northwest quarter of Section Twenty <br />(20),in Township Eleven (11) North of Range Ten (10) West of the 6th Principal Meridian,in <br />Hall County,Nebra.ska,owned by said deceased at the time of his death,under the power and pro- <br />visions contained in the last will and testament of said deceased,for the sum of $16,560.00; <br />that said Executor received of the personal estate of said deceased the sum of $2759.24;that <br />said Executor has paid the funeral expenses of said deeeased,the costs of administration, <br />including the costs of advertising and selling the real estate of said deeeased,leaving a <br />balance remaining in the hands of said Executor amounting to the sum of $17,095.20,for dis- <br />sed:that in order to avoid a contest <br />