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'Y <br />AM yj E-A-11 DDUAR17- <br />according to their own best judgment,from time to time,but not less than onceeach year, <br />divide and pay to the needy of my own family and of my deceased wife's family,and the <br />poor old people of my home village ,Wevelsfleth,Holstein,0erman y,and its church district. <br />Any such surplus which may arise after December 21,1929,from the investment of said prin- <br />cipal trust fund in interest - bearing securities,after all expenses of making the semi- <br />annual payments herein provided for have been covered,my said trustees may,according to °. <br />their own best judgment,from time to time,but not less than once each year,divide and pay <br />to the needy in my own family and in my deceased wife's family,or,in their discretion, <br />distribute such surplus in accordance with the terms and provisions of the residuary clause <br />of my last will and testament bearing date July 19,1915. In the event of the death of any <br />of the beneficiaries under this trust before the time of my death,the bequest to said <br />trustees under this paragraph is hereby reduced to such sul*�: that the same equals the same <br />proportion of the total bequest as the total of the individual semiannual payments to <br />the beneficiaries hereunder,then living ,bears to $250,which is thetotal semi - annual pay- <br />ments above specifically provided for. The trustees under this paragraph shall not be <br />requested to give bond,and in the event of the death or inability to act of either of <br />said trustees I appoint my next oldest living son as successor in trust hereunder. <br />SECOND <br />As modified by this oodicil,I hereby republish my last will and testament bearing date <br />July 19,19151,hereby revoking all former codicils made by me to my said last will and testa- <br />ment bearing date July 19,1915. <br />IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF,I have hereunto set my hand to each of the three typewritten pages <br />here -of , .'this llth day of January ,A. D. ,192 }. <br />Witness: <br />William ,Ouhr <br />John Reimers <br />R.R.Horth <br />We,whose names are hereunto subseribed,do hereby certify that John Reimers,the testator, <br />subscribed his name to the foregoing instrument in our presence and in the presence of each <br />of us,at the same time and in our presence and hearing,declared the same to be his codicil <br />to his last will and testament bearing date July 19,1915,and to be his last will and testa•- <br />ment,and we,at his request,and in his presence and in the presence of each other,have here- <br />unto subscribed our names a.s attesting witnesses. <br />William Suhr <br />Of Grand Island,Nebraska. <br />R.R.Horth <br />Of Grand Island, Nebraska. <br />I,John Reimers,of Grand Island,Nebraska,still being of sound mind and disposing memory, <br />do make and publish this, my second codicil to my last will and testament bearing date July <br />19,1915,in the manner and form following,that is to say: <br />FIRST <br />I an advancing in years,and my health is not the best and at times I feel thatIan not <br />long for this earth. At the time I made my will bearing date July 19,1915,I felt t had <br />made a fair division of my property among my beloved children,and at that time all of them <br />were in good financial circumstanoes,and each of about the same financial standing,but time <br />has made a material change with my son,Theodore Heimers,who ha5 had business reverses,having <br />been obliged to take back,ul)der undavorable conditions,a great deal of land sold by him, <br />during boom times.Has had also had a great deal of sickness in his family,he himself being <br />afflicted with hay- fever,which comes on at the every season of the year when he should be <br />