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WI L �N � �� � �� ► � � � �� J �� <br />I,John Reimers,of Grand Island,Hebraska, still being of sound mind and disposing memory., <br />do make and publish this codicil to my last will and testament bearing date July 19 ,1915 in tie <br />1 <br />manner and form following,that is to say: <br />FIRST <br />I give and bequeath to my son,Theodore Reimers,and my son- in- law,Frederick Wietzer,as <br />trustees in trust,and to their successors in trust,the sum of Ten Thousand 010,000) Dollars,, <br />upon the uses and trusts and for the purposes following:To receive,hold,and invest,said sum j <br />of `den Thousand Dollars in interest- bearing securities,and from the income therefrom,semi- <br />annually,pay to my sister,Mrs.Anna Brandt,of Wilster, Rathausstrasse ,37,Holstein,Germany, <br />Sixty ($60) Dollars,so long as the said Anna Brandt shall live,and,semi..;- annually,pay to my <br />niece,Miss Theresa Brandt,of Wilster, Rathausstrasse 379Holstein,0ermany,the sum of Sixty <br />($60) Dollars,so long as the said Therese .Brandt shall live,and,semi- annually,pay to my sistet- <br />in- law,Mrs.Adele Waet oke,of Altona,188 Holstenstrasse ,Holstein,Germany,Forty ($40) Dollars, <br />so long as said Adele . °Waetoke shall live,and in the event August Waetoke,the husband of said':. <br />Adele Waetcke,is living at the time of the death of the said Adele Waetcke,to semi - annually play`:, <br />to the said August Waetcke,after the death of the said Adele Waetcke,the sum of Twenty (020) <br />Dollars,so long as he shall liv:e,and,semi- annually,pay to my friend,Friederioh Honerloh, of <br />Gluckstadt,Rirchhof 18,Holstein,Germany,Twenty -five ($25) Dollars,so long as he shall live, <br />and,semi- annually,pay to my niece,Helen,nee trandt,of Wilster,Holstein,Germany,or to <br />her minor children,in the event the said Helen Staade should die,Ten ($10) Dollars for the <br />period commencing with the date this codicial takes affect up to and including the 31st day <br />of u ecember ,1929,and,semi- annually,pay to my friends,Miss Pauline Oesan and her two sisters, <br />collectively,of Glueokstadt,Ha.fen 21,Holstein Germany,Five ($5) Dollars,for the period oomm- <br />i <br />encing from the date this codicial takes affect to and including the 31st day of December, <br />1929,and,semi- annually,pay to the pastor in charge of the Lutheran Qhuroh,of Wevelsfleth, f1 <br />Holstein,Germaay,the sum of Fifty (S50) Dollars,for the period Commencing when this codicial <br />takes effect up to and including the 31st day of December,1929,said money so to be paid to <br />said Lutheran pastor to be distributed among the poor old pemple in my said home village and'lits <br />I <br />church district,aceording to the best judgment of said pastor in eharge,and of the two of t <br />main village officials of Wevelsfleth in charge of looking after the poor of said village. !. <br />Upon the death of my�ister,Anna Brandt,and upon the death of my said niece,Therese Brandt, <br />P <br />and upon the death of my said sister -inlaw Adele Waetcke,pind upon the death of my brother -in <br />law,August Waetcke,provided the,same aocure after the death of his wife,Adele Waetcke,and <br />upon the death of the said Friederieh H8nerloh,and as soon as practical after the death of e'ch <br />of said individuals,said trustee shall distribute in accordance with the provisions of the <br />d <br />residuary clause of my last will and testament bearing date July 19,19159such proportion of he <br />principal of said trust fund as the semi - annual payments herein provided;.for,for such of sai <br />beneficiaries,who may die,bears to the total of the $250 semi- annual payments herein provi <br />for for all of said beneficiaries.That part of the principal of said trust fund invested to <br />earn the interest required to make the semi - annual paymentsto my said nieoe,Helen Staade,or <br />to her minor children,and to Pw line Oesan,andher two sisters,and to the pastor in charge <br />of the Lutheran Churoh of Wevelsfleth,for the benefit of the poor old po6ple,until the 31tt <br />day of December,i929,shall be distributed by said trustees immediately after December 31, <br />1929,in accordance with the terms and provisions of the residuary clause of my last will <br />and testament bearing date July 19,1915. Any surplus which may arise up to and including <br />December 31,1929,from the investment of said principal trust fund in interest - bearing securities <br />after all expenses of making the semi - annual payments have been covered,my said trustees,sh�il, <br />