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a w <br />W I I I A IN D 1i I IEW 2 2 J El J 0, SO D Ja D <br />74881 -STATE JOURNAL COMPANY, LINCOLN, NEB. <br />that the same is genuine and valid,and that said last will and testament be allowed, admitted I <br />to probate, established as a will of real and personal estate and recorded in this office. <br />IT IS FURTHER CONSIDERED that letters testamentary is..:�ue to Charles Spethman who is nomi- <br />na.ted in said last will and testament to be the Executor thereof,upon his filing in this <br />office his personal bond in the sum of $80,000.00. <br />IT IS ORDERED THAT SAID EXECUTOR.'be allowed one year in which to administer the estate of l <br />said deceased,and make settlement with the court and with the beneficiaries under the will. <br />IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that creditors of the said Louise Hedde,deceased,be allowed 3 montho from <br />and after the 25th day of August,1924,in which to file their claims in the office of the Coulty <br />Judge of Hall County,Nebraska,for allowance,and that all claims outstanding against said de —) <br />ceased or her estate not so filed within the time here limited shall be forever barred and <br />excluded. <br />IT IS FURTHEP ORDERED that ahea.ring on claims filed against the estate of said deceased <br />be held at this office on the 26th day of November,1924,at 9o'clock A.H, <br />IT IS ORDERE" FINALLY that notice as to the time allowed and place appointed for filing c aims <br />against the estate of said deceased,and of the time fixed for thehearing on claims filed aga nst <br />said estate be given to all creditors of said deceased by publication of such notice for 4 c n- <br />secutive weeks in the GRAND ISLAND INDEPENDENT,a. semi— lgeekly newspaper published and circula Jing <br />in Hall County, Nebraska. <br />LETTERS TESTAIENTARY <br />THE' STATE OF NEBRASKA ) <br />SS. <br />COUNTY OF HALL ) <br />J. H. Mullin,County Judge. <br />THE PEOPLE -'OF THE STATE OF NEBRASKA <br />To Charles Spethman of our said County,GREFTING: <br />Whereas Louise Hedde lately departed this life testate,being at,or immediately prior to <br />her death an inhabitant of the County of Hall,in the state of Nebraska and having,while she <br />lived,and at the time of her decease,estate , vithin our said County of Hall to be administered; <br />and whereas,at a session of the County Court,holden at Grand Island,in said county,on the <br />26th day of July A.D.19242the last will and testament of said deceased,was duly proved,appro ed, <br />and allowed1wherein you are appointed executor- thereof)44d whereas,the power of oDmmitting a — <br />ministration and full disposition of the estate whereof the said deceased died possessed , <br />in the state of Nebraska,and also the 4earing,examing and allowing the account of such admire <br />istration doth appertain unto our said County Court;wherefore,we,being desirous that the <br />estate of said testator may be well and faithfully administpr.ed,applied and disposed of,do � <br />i <br />grant unto you,the said Charles Spethman full power,by these presents,to administer and fait — <br />fully dispose of according to law and the will of said testator,all and singular the goods, <br />chattels,rights,credits and estate of said deceased,ivithin the State of Nebraska,which shall <br />at aiy time � come to your possession,or to the possession of any other person for you,and to I <br />(I <br />ask,gather,levy,recover and receive all the goods chattels,rights,credits and estate what- <br />soever of said deceased, which to her at the time of her death did belong,and to pay and dis —; <br />charge,all debts and charges,chargeable on the same,or such dividends thereon as shall be <br />i <br />ordered and decreed by said County Court; Hereby requiring you to make and return to said Cou t, <br />within three months,a true and perfect inventory of all the goods, cha.ttels,Tights, credits <br />V and real estate of said deceased,which shall come to your possession or knowledge,a.nd also <br />to render a just and true account of your administration to said Court,within one year,and <br />i <br />at any Other time wihen required by said Court,and to perform all orders and decrees of said <br />Court by you to be performed in the premises. <br />i <br />And we,do,by these presents,depute,constitute <br />