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, 12 <br />VII-11 AMID DEVI-M-0 JUSTV-01 <br />4861 -STATE JOURNAL COMPANY LINCOLN, NEB. <br />To my brother Charles Spethman I give Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00),to be used by himj <br />for charitable purposes,the nature of which I have communicated to him. (pepcil note pinned <br />to this clause is as follows To the Hedde children and if they should have passed away,To the <br />Reiktor children by,Eerlin. <br />Louise Hedde <br />T en. <br />To my brother Leopold Spethman I give Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) per year from the <br />date of my deceasefor and during the term of his natural life time,and should his wife Rosa <br />survive him, I give her Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) ,per annum from the date of his death <br />for the rest of her natural life time,My executor shall pay this legacy in convenient install <br />m ent s. <br />E1 even. <br />The�est residue and remainder of my estate I give,deviae and bequeath to my five (5) bro -I <br />thers and sisters,and to their heirs forever,that is to say to Caroline Vieregg,Diedrich <br />Sp ethman,Charlotte Strattman,Marie J.Heuck and Charles Spethman,share arid. share alike,that is <br />each shall take a one -fifth (1/ 5) part. <br />Should any of the legatees named in item Three (3) or Seven (7),of this will df.e without <br />issue,before my decease,then the legacy bequeathed to such person shall revert back to my eE <br />tate and become a part of the residue thereof,and should my brother Charles Spethman die be- <br />fore me,�rhen all that part of my estate given him,herein,shall revert back to my esta.te,and <br />shall become a part of the residue thereof,anything contained in item Thirteen (13) to the <br />contrary notwithstanding. Provided,however,that the Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) given <br />him in item Nine (9) shall not revert to my, estate or become a part of the residue thereof, <br />but in the event of his decease,that legacy shall be paid to Charlotte Stratmann. <br />Twelve. <br />I hereby appoint my brother Charles Spethman sole executor of this will and request-4hat <br />no bond or secutiry of any kind be required of him before heeiters upon the dities of that <br />office. <br />I hereby authorize and empower said executor (or any administratorrwho may be appointed <br />by the Court in his place) to sell on such terms as to him may seem proper,any real estate of <br />which I may die seized,and he is empowered to execute and deliver deedsto the purchaser then+ f <br />without license from any Judge or Court. Before paying out any money he shall pay the balance <br />of the legacy going to Fritz Hedde which is provided for in the will of my,-deceased husband. <br />I specifically provide that said executor shall receive Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) <br />in full for his services to be rendered in behalf of my -estate,and this shall be in lieu <br />of all commissions or fees which otherwise would cometo him under the law. <br />I further provide that said executor shall proceed with the division of my estate as <br />speedily as can be done,all circumstances considered,and he shall make distribution from ti <br />to time,holding out,however,enough /t ohe annual payment of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) <br />to be made to my brother Leopold and his wife. <br />No interest diould be allowed on any gift or legacy provided for in this will until one <br />year from the date of my decease. <br />Should any person mentioned in this will commence any action,institute any suit or bring <br />any proceedings to set asidethis will,or should any person contest or oppose the probating <br />thereof,for any reason whatever,to such person I hereby give the sum of One Dollar ($1.00) <br />and no more,and any legacy giving such person more then One Dollar ($1.00) is bereb y re- <br />voked. <br />Done at Grand Island this 15th day of October A.D.,lg20. <br />Louise Hedde. <br />