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I I �j Rz <br />I <br />L, <br />1 <br />17 <br />State of Nebraska, ) -i- -- -- - - -- -- -- — ' -- <br />:ss. 'yard M. Rubendall, being first auly sworn, upon oath says that he has <br />Box Butte County.) <br />read tine foregoing petition by him subscribed and knows. the contents <br />thereof, ana that the facts therein set forth are true as he verily believes. <br />Ward M. Rubendall. <br />Subscribed in my presence and sworn to before me this 1st, day of June 1915. <br />(Seal) Robt 0. Reddish. <br />Notary Public. <br />NOTICE OF HEARING. <br />State of Nebraska,) <br />:ss. IN THE COUNTY COURT OF BOX BUTTE COUNTY NEBRASKA. <br />Box Butte County.) <br />To all persons interested in tale Estate of Peter Rubendall, deceased: <br />You are hereby notified that on the 1st day of June 1915, Ward M. Rubendall filed his Petition <br />In the County Court of said County for the appointment of Anna M. Rubendall as Administratrix of <br />the Estate of Peter Rubendall, late of said County, deceased, and that the same will be heard at <br />the County Court, Room in the City of Alliance, in said County, on the 28th day of June 1915 at <br />the hour of Two o'clock P.M. <br />It is further ordered that Notice of said Hearing be given all parties interested.' in said <br />Estate by the publication of this Notice for three sucessive weeks in the Alliance Herald, a <br />newspaper printed, published and circulated in said County. <br />Dated this 1st day of June 1915. <br />(Seal) <br />Burton and Reddish, Attorneys. <br />KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: <br />L. A. Berry <br />County Judge. <br />ADMINISTRATORIS BOND. <br />That we, Anna M. Rubendall, as principal and F. E. ,Reddish, of <br />Alliance, Nebraska, and R. M. Hampton of Alliance, Nebraska, as sureties are held and firmly <br />bound unto the County Judge of Box Butte County, Nebraska, in the penal sum of #26,000.00 for the <br />payment of which well and truly to be made we jointly and severally bind ourselves. <br />Dated this 28th day of June 1915. al <br />Whereas, Anna M. Rubendall has been appointed administratrix of the estate of Peter Ruben- <br />dall, deceased. Now, the condition of this obligation is such that if the said Anna M. Rubendall <br />shall make and return to the County Court of said County, within three months, a true and perfect <br />Inventory of all the goods, chattels, rights, credits, and estate of the deceased, which shall <br />come into her possession or knowledge, or possession of any other person for hir; to administer <br />according to law all the goods, chattels, rights, credits, and estate which shall at any time <br />come to her possession or to the possession of any other person for her; and out of the same to <br />pay and discharge all debts and charges , or such dividends thereon as shall be ordered and de- <br />creed by the county judge; to render a true and just account of administration to the county <br />judge within one year, and at any, other time when required by the said court; and to perform all <br />orders and decrees of to e county court by said administration to be performed in the premises. <br />Then this obligation to be null and void; otherwise to be and remain in full force and effect. <br />Bond and sureties approved by me this 29th day of June 1915. <br />(Seal) <br />Anna M. Rubendall, <br />F. E. R @ddish. <br />R. M. Hampton. <br />Surety. <br />L. A. Berry <br />County Judge. <br />IN THE COUNTY COURT OF BOX. BUTTE COUNTY NEBRASKA. <br />In the matter of the Estate of) <br />_ 0A_TH. <br />Peter, Rubendall, deceased. ) <br />State of Nebraska.) <br />) ss I do solemnly swear that I will well <br />Box Butte County. ) <br />