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i I'D <br />said trust and that said estate is aischarged of all claims and demands, and that said estate is <br />hereby declared to be settled, and ail persons are forever barred from filing; or setting up any <br />claim or claims against said estate and that the Administratrix and her bondsman are discharged. <br />The Court finds that Franz Werner aiea seized in fee of the following described premises sit- <br />uated in the County of Hall and State of Nebraska, to -wit: The East Half of the North East quar <br />ter., Section 34,in Township 11, Range 9 West 6th P.M., and that the same was owned and occupied b <br />the said Franz Werner and his family as a Homestead,,and has been so occupied by the Widow of de- <br />ceased and family as a Yiomestead. <br />The Court further finds that the following named persons are the heirs at law and the only <br />heirs at law and next of Kind of the said Franz Werner, deceased, to -wit: Caroline Werner, his <br />widow (who is named in the notice for the appointment of Administratrix in this estate as Lena <br />Werner and that her true and correct name is Caroline), Nicriolas Werner.son, age 17; Clara Werner <br />daughter age 16; Lena Werner daughter, age 14; Rudolph Werner, son age 13; Francis Werner daugh- <br />ter, age 11; Alfred Werner son, age 10; Maggie Werner, daughter age 8; Max Werner, son age 6; <br />Frieda Werner daughter age 4: Hildah Werner datw.ghter age 3. <br />It is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed that the premises herein mentioned_ and_.describi <br />ad do pass to the widow and children herein named of Franz Werner, deceased as provided by the <br />laws of the State of Nebraska. <br />M. T. Marlow, <br />3 County Judge. <br />State of Nebraska) <br />: ss. I, M.T.Garlow, County Jude, within and for said County and State, do here <br />Hall County. ) <br />by certify that I am the sole presiding Judge and ex- officio Clerk of <br />said Court and have possession of the records and files of said Court, and that the within is a <br />true and correct copy of the records of my said Court on the within stated case. <br />As witness my hand and the seal of aaia Court, this, the 17 day of December, 1898: <br />M. T. Garlow <br />.10 I.R.Stamp) (SEAL) County Judge. <br />cancelled <br />Filed for record the 6 day of July,1916, at 3:30 o'clock P.M. <br />Register of De s. <br />- o- o- o- o- c- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- c- o- o- o- c- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- o -o -o� <br />WILL & DECREE: - <br />LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. <br />I, Joseph Russell, of the County of Hall and State of Nebraska, being of sound mind and m <br />ory, but mindful of the uncertainty of this mortal life, do make, publish and declare this tb be <br />my last will and testament, in manner and form following, and I hereby revoke all former wills: - <br />FIRST: <br />I, direct that all my just debts, the expense of my last sickness, TMY funeral charges, and <br />the costs of administering my estate be paid our of my personal property. <br />SECOND: <br />To my wife, Ellen Russell, I give and bequeath the sum of five Hundred Dollars and I further <br />give and bequeath to hedyUse, income, profits and rents of all of my real estate for her use and <br />benefit for and auring the term of her natural life. <br />THIRD: <br />Subject to the life estate of my wife, as provided for in the second clause of this will, <br />I give, devise and bequeat�i to my son, John Russell, the following described real estate, to -wit: <br />the South East Quarter of Section Twenty -six, in Township Twelve, in range Eleven, in Hall Coun- <br />ty, Nebraska. Provided, however, and upon the condition that he, the said John Russell, shall <br />pay to my daughter, Margaret Russell,the sum of One Thousand Dollars within two years after my <br />death. <br />FOURTH: <br />I give, devise and bequeath to my daughter, Margaret Russell, the following described real <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />