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Ulm <br />i <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />FINAL DECREE:- <br />MLL AND DEGREE RECORD No.) <br />IN THE COUNTY COURT OF PLATTE COUNTY NEBRASKA. <br />In the Natter of-the Estate of Daniel B. Gorman, deceased. <br />FINAL DECREE <br />Now on the 12th day of June 1916, this matter comes on to be heard upon the final account <br />John Barrett the administrator of the estate of Daniel B. Gorman deceased, ana upon the petition <br />of the said administrator for final settlement as such, and for the distribution of said estate. <br />Due and legal notice of such hearing having been given by publication three weeks successively <br />prior thereto in the Creston Statesman a weekly newspaper printed and of general circulation in <br />said Platte County. <br />And the Court having examined such final report, and petition and having heard the evidence <br />in support thereof, and being well advised In the premises finds: That all debts, funeral ex- <br />penses, and costs of administering said estate have beer, fully paid and satisfied, and that due <br />and legal notice to creditors has been given. That after paying all the demands against said es- <br />tate the administrator has in his hands the sum of 0445.10 for distribution. <br />Tnat the said aeceased left surviving him as his only heirs at law the following named, pe <br />sons who are entitled to receive the residue of said estate as follows to Minnie J. Gorman widow <br />$149.36 and the balance of $295.74 to be distributed share and share alike to Myrtle Runice Gorma <br />Paul Ronald Gorman, Guy William Gorman, Edith Isabella Gorman, Inez Circassia Gorman, Barron Floyd, <br />Gorman, Frank Arthur Gorman, Roy Barrett Gorman, Elmer Ellsworth Gorman and George Gordon Gorman, <br />children of said deceased. <br />WHEREOF, It IS ORDERED AND CONSIDERED by the Court, that the final administrators account be <br />and the aarrie is hereby settled, allowed, and approved as filed, and that the administrator upon <br />the payment of the aforesaid money to the heirs entitled to same and he will be discharged. <br />John Ratterman, <br />County Judge. <br />State of Nebraska,) <br />:ss. In the County Court of Platte County, Nebraska: <br />County of Platted <br />I, John Ratterman, County Judge of Platte County, Nebraska, do hereby cer- <br />tify that I have compared t:fte foregoing copy of the final decree complete in the matter of the es. <br />tate of Daniel B. Garman deceased, with the original record thereof now remaining in the said <br />court; that the same is a correct transcript thereof, ana of the whole of said original record; <br />and that I have the legal custody and control of said original record. <br />I further certify that I ain the sole judge of said court; that said court is a court of re- <br />cord; and has a seal, ana that said seal is hereto affixed; that said court has no clerk author- <br />ized to certify records in his own name; and that the foregoing attestation is in due form, accoi <br />ing to the laws of the State of Nebraska. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said court at Colum- <br />bus, Nebraska., this 22nd day of June 1916. <br />(SEAL) John Ratterman <br />County Judge. <br />Filed for record the 23 day of June, 1$16, at 9:45 o'clock A.M. <br />R gister of De s. <br />- O- O- O- O- O- O- 0- 0- 0- 0- 0- 0- 0- 0- 0- 0- 0.-0- o- o- O- 0- O- 0- o- o- o- o- o- o- o- 0- 0- o- o- o- o- o- o- O- O- O- O- o -o -0- <br />