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iiGI.BZ <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />MLL AND DEGREE RES-ORD No. <br />DECREE: - <br />Be it remembered that on the 15th day of June A.D.1916 that being one of the days of t <br />June A.D. 1916 term of the District Court of the Eleventh Judicial District of Nebraska, within <br />and for the County of Hall, at the Court House in the city of Grand Island, before the Honorable <br />James N. Paul, one of the judges of the said district, the following, among other proceedings,. <br />were had, in words and figures, to -wit: <br />IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF HALL COUNTY NEBRASKA <br />Lucius Roy Brininger, Plaintiff, <br />VS 4180 D E C R E E <br />William Winans; Anna Winans, his wife; <br />the unknown heirs and devisees of William <br />Winans, deceased; the unknown heirs and <br />devisees of Anna Winans, deceased; John <br />Doe and Mrs. John Doe, his wife, each of <br />whose real and true names are unknown, <br />Defendants <br />. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . <br />Now on this 15th day of June A.D.1916, came the plaintiff in person and by Prince & Prinel <br />his attorneys, and the defendants and each of them still failing to answer, demur or otherwise <br />plead to the plaintiff's petition, were thrice solemnly called in open court and came not, but <br />made default. <br />And it appearing to the court that the said plaintiff has filed his petition in this case <br />and in the verification thereto it is alleged and sworn to by the said Lucius Roy Brininger that <br />the residences and places of abode of the defendants William Winans, Anna Winans, his wife, are <br />to the plaintiff and his attorneys unknown; that they can not be found within the state of Neb- <br />raska; and that by reason thereof personal service can not be had upon the said defendants; that <br />the names ana places of residence of the heirs and devisees of William Winans, deceased and the <br />heirs and devisees of Anna Winans, deceased, and each of them to this plaintiff are unknown. <br />+Y <br />And it appearing that the aforesaid plaintiff has made application for an order for ser- <br />vice by publication as by law provided, said application being supported by an affidavit of the <br />said Lucius Roy Brininger, that the above entitled action is an action to quiet title to real es- <br />hate situated in Hall County, Nebraska; that the defendants William Winans and Anna Winans, his <br />wife, can not be found in this state and that the residences or places of abode of such defendant; <br />are to this affiant unknown; and that by reason thereof, personal service can not be had upon <br />said defendants; that the names and places of abode of the heirs and devisees of William Winans, <br />deceased, and the heirs and devisees of Anna Winans, deceased, and each of them, are to this af- <br />fiant and his attorneys unknown, and therefore personal service can not be had upon said defend- <br />ants. And it appearing that on the 24th day of April, 1916, an order for service by publication <br />by granted by the Honorable James R. Hanna, Judge of the District Court of Hall County, Nebraska, <br />to the aforesaid Lucius Roy Brininger, and it appearing that a lawful notice to the aforesaid de-- <br />fendants has been published as by law provided, and that good and lawful service by publication <br />as by law provided, has been obtained. <br />Now, therefore, it is ordered that the default of the defendants and each of them be en- <br />tered herein anu that the facts statea in plaintiff's petition be taken as true, as against them <br />and each of them, <br />This cause coming on further for hearing was submitted to the court upon the pleadings <br />and the evidence, and the court, upon consideration thereof, finds that the plaintiff and his <br />grantors, anu those in privity with him, are now and have been for more than ten years last past, <br />In actual, open, notorious, exclusive, visible and adverse possession of the following described <br />real estate, situated in Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska, to -wit; <br />Fractional lot five (5) in fractional block twenty -one (21) of H. G. Clark's addition to <br />Grand Island; fractional lot six (6) in block twenty -two (22) of Russel Wheeler's addition to <br />