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[UP NINE RMORM Ma. L <br />42664- -KLOPP A BARTLETT CO., PRINTING, LITHOGRAPHI VG, STATIONERY; OMAHA <br />That the deceased Jie:l oeiZed of the follo-1:ing real estate, to- wit: <br />The South -east - luarter of the South -:vest 'Zi arter of Section NUMIDCr 12, and Lots Numbers <br />3 and 4 all in Section Number 3_2 in Township Number 10, North Range 111i rber 9, Te t of the 6th <br /> Hall rnunty, Nebraska, and being the pare lands conveyed this day by said Lillie A.01I4dil <br />and Thor,.as C' Neil her h,:s" and to said Albertina T Poard and Isadore (33.7.artnaloy. <br />A1_[o the following de�-:cri "red lands ,situate in Familton C'n nty, to- lvit:- ' <br />The North -;vest ' aster or Section Number 8 in Township Number 1C North, Range Num�-),r8 17ert of <br />the ^tt T'.',`. and T,ot Vo-iinber 2 in Piock nurn'.oer 34 -n Row Nur ber 4 in the St Joe Cemetery and <br />b-ing a buri:�l lot as the sear e is de,7- ignatad on the origin� 1 Plat of °ally C'Pmetery, on file and <br />of "record in the office of theCounty Clerk of said Harnil ton Co,inty, Said lands and Lot in <br />TT. jr., i.l ton Co,inty, being the -,a are this Jay conveyed to Ra cT:.r I H.Peard by said Lillie A. 0' Neil <br />and her prey, n± h (z';and 7,,oyn"[iq_ n' "Toil. <br />Foiirth rin,'ing. That the terms and conditions of said stipl -lati on filed herein have <br />been duly norr. s!A,, d ith by the Carnes hereto;" that this estate should be now closed and the <br />a:ininistrator ..isc'.arged. It is therefor° con i ?cred by the Court that the said account <br />of John R. Coo -er, a 3,, inistrator T.erein be allowed and in all things con_ "irmod, as s rinal <br />acco,_,nt; that the sev. °ral tracts of Land mentioned an described herein and not heretofore <br />1 )snored of be and the ;ame are hereby assigned ass according to law as follows, to- ,.vit:- <br />To said Al bert:ina .T. Fearll and Isadore G. Wartnaby, sisters of said Jecoased share and 9hare <br />alike; the interest of sail Millie A.0'Neil, forinnrly T-illie A. Jarnes,having been conveyed by <br />her as '_-ereinbefore t.l.ted and i the sari North -;vest ouarter of SI ^ction 1v,, -zmber 8 in Township <br />Number 10 ^north Range N,_r "cnr '.hest of the 6th P.M. in Hamilton Co,. nty, Nebraska, havi)een 'hily <br />conveyed under foreclosure proceedings to said Rich, rc i"i.PearI and. all title for:,erly Veste I in <br />3414 Ieco sed. and his heirs _`,!1v n�- b?en Oily Jive t:` .a by sai _I forec:i os.,re T roee? iin s prior to this <br />hearing; that ,aid [:idminis tutor, John ". COO;.''.er be an;l he is hereby discharged from this said <br />trl_?�7,t : nd his Letters of A1rinistration are hereby c- tncell..,1 and annilllt�d end this ;state is <br />hereby fully ' c ,cd. Witnes,; My official signature, t`:is June 17, 1905. <br />C. <br />A. Coats <br />County Judge <br />State Or Nebraska r <br />t sS <br />Hami. ton County ( I, C.A.Coatq, <br />cor rl ared - -he Fore�0i Cory Of D'CrP,e O <br />r,- )-,aining in my office and fin -1 the ,arise <br />t?,.ereo:f. <br />Judge of the said County do hereby certify that I have <br />f Final. Settlement �rith the original record thereof no;r <br />to be a correct transcript of the same and the whole <br />1 <br />77itness my official signatlzre and tho seal of said Court this 17th iay of June ,1905. <br />C.A.Coats <br />(S ^ A L ) County Judge <br />File -1 "or record Nov�r,ber .22,1910 at 11.50 A.ti. <br />County iC erk-- � -�T. <br />a <br />0 <br />1 <br />