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f nzsG <br />42654 -RLOM6 HAWTLETT CO., PRINTING, LITHOGRFPHI.V G;BTATIONEWT;OM.AF9W - - <br />by, through or under them or either of them. <br />It is further ordered that the plaintiff nay the costs o' this action taxed at $32.60 <br />( S C"xlbED ) <br />JAMES N . PATTL <br />JUDGE. <br />_00000_ <br />State of Nebraska <br />( ss <br />Hall County j Ij Fred C..Langman; Clerk of the District Court, within and for said <br />Cc;unty and State do hereby certify `rat the above and forgoing is a full, true, correct and com- <br />plete cony of the Decree in Case 1Vo. 3449, 7.,herein 14arion A.'7ard is plaintiff and B.A.-Darling <br />et als are defendants, as the same appears on file and of record in my said office. <br />IN TFSTI11dONY IIErOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Official <br />Seal of said Court at Grand Island, this 15th day of November, A.D. 1910. <br />( S E A I. ) Fred C.Langman <br />Clerk District Court. <br />Filed for record November 15, 1910 at 1o.55 A.M. <br />- ----------------- -------------- <br />County Clerk <br />DECREE. In the County Court of Hamilton County, Nebraska. <br />In the matter of the Estate of Robert N.James, deceased. <br />DECREE OF FINAL S.r TTI,FMFNT AND DISCHARGE OF ADTITNISTRATOR. <br />This cause came on for hearing this 1711 day of June, 1905, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon <br />on the stipulation of all parties hereto, the final report of John R.Cooner, administrator herein <br />A <br />and his petition for final settlement and discharge an the evidence, and there came also the said, <br />persons <br />administrator,John R.Cooper and the follo,.ring named persons being the only interested in said <br />estate and the only heirs at law of said deceased, to- :•it :- <br />Lillie A. O' Neil, formerly the widow of said dec >.,ased, and since intermarried with one <br />r <br />Thomas O'Neil, Albertina J.Peard o7 Phillips, Nebraska, sister of said deceased and Isadore G. <br />'Nartnaby, sister of said deceased, of Grand Island, Nebraska. <br />Having heard the proofs ant allegations of the parties and maturely considering the same <br />together nrith said stipulation the Court hereby ratifies and confirms said stipulation and pro - <br />ceeds to make final settlement in this estate. The Court "inds as follows, viz; - <br />First finding: That the, = drinistrator be charged as stated in hii account --pith the <br />aggregate sum of `2546.34 and that he be credited �17ith the following sums, to -nit: <br />1. The expenses of administration as the same is itemized in fee book "B", page 263 of <br />the Records of this Court ."79. CO. <br />i <br />2. With ti -e sum of S147.00 for his commission and all pxoert charges. With the sum of <br />'50.00 raid by him for Attorney fees in connection Lvith the sail estate. <br />3. With '1607.96 raid for and on account of claims and other items of e:penditures as <br />shown by report herein filed also amount paid heirs and Lillie O'Neil as rer stipulation and <br />that said administrator has fully accounted and administrate:i all of Said estate w1lich has comae <br />into his ros�ession or to his knowledge. <br />Second finding. That all notices re4uirea by law to be given to creditors an ,'. others save <br />been -iven and that all debts, claims and demands against sai,. 1 estate have been fully paid and <br />satisfied as required b y law and the orders of this Court. <br />Third finding. That the heirs at law of said deceased -Mith their respective ages and <br />I <br />Ie,grcas of kin:crel are as follows, viz: - <br />Lillie A.0'Neil, Lillie t!.James, iidow of said deceased and age ......years. <br />A.lbertina J.Peard, sister of said deceased, aged ........years. <br />Isadore r.z,,rartnaby, sister of said deceased,aged ...... ... gears. <br />