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A ZSG <br />197 <br />YLL U 0 PEI MN RMORM Moo LI j <br />42654- -KLOPP 6 SARTLETT CO., PRINTING,LITHOGRA PHI JIG,GTATIONERY; OMAHA -- <br />to them and their heirs and grantees forever, subject to the life estate of David hart,widower, <br />in and to a one-third (1/3) l.nterest in said ",and, and the share of said Doyle Ivan Fart in said <br />real estate also to be subject to the life estate of Nella C.Fiart,ido► and legatee under the <br />Will of said Henry F.Hart, deceased. <br />IN IVITTIESS I:EREOF, I have here :nto set my hand and ca,;sed the seal of our,Cotrt to be affix <br />ed at Hastings, on this 20th day of November 1909 I <br />(S E A L) William F.Rutton <br />Judge of the County Court. <br />Filed for record November 14, 1910 at 2.30 P.,M. <br />----------- <br />County Clerk <br />IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF HALL COUNTY., NEBRASKA. <br />Marion A.Ward., Plaintiff. <br />VS. <br />B.A.Darling,, Lysander E.ns'.ary D. <br />Tarbox, Horace Thj'box_` i,"A t essle Tarbox <br />Ruth Tarbox, and ,Lary D. Tarbox, Adminis_ ( DECREE. 3449. <br />tratrix t?ith the Will annexed of the <br />estate of Horace Tarbox, deceased. <br />Defendants. <br />" nnn►+►+ i+ n�+""► rNannn++ n+ rnnnan ++►r++l+"tr"n""►+ fell ++Otto it <br />On this day this cause came on to be heard, the plaintiff annearing by R.R.Horth, her attor- <br />ney, and the Court finds that said defendants, R.A.Darling, Lysander Ensign, Awry D.Tarbox, <br />Horace Tarbox, Jr., Tkinnifred O.Tarbox, Bessie Tarbox, Ruth Tarbox, and Mary D.Tarbox, adminis- <br />tratrix-,7with.the will annexed of the estate of Horace Tarbox, deceased and each of them have <br />been duly served .,pith notice of the pendency of this action and that said ierendants and each <br />of them are in default for answer or other pleading and the (:default of said dependants and each <br />of them is hereby taken and entered. <br />And this cause coming on further to be heard upon the petition of the plaintiff and the <br />evidence, and the Court being fully advised in the premises, finds that the allegations of the <br />plaintiff's petition are true. The Court further rinds that on or about the 26th day of November <br />1874 one Horace J.Weller the then owner of the East half of the Southeast Quarter of Section num." <br />ber thirty -two (32) in Township Number Twelve (12), North of Range Nine, (9) 'Vest of the Sixth <br />(6th) P.M. ,situated in Hall County, Nebraska, and his :rife joining ,made ,execute,_1, acknoTle,lg d <br />` i <br />and delivered to the :defendant B.A.Darling a mortgage upon said premises for x1000.00 which said <br />mortgage eras on the Gth day of T)ecer:Iber,1874, duly recorded in the office of the County Clerk of <br />Hall County, Nebraska, in Book "H" of TAortgages, at Page 169 of the Mortgage Records of said <br />County; That on or a'nout the 23rd day of July 1879 the said F.A.narling duly sold ass! gned, tran- <br />sforred ani Delivered said mortgage to the defenlant Lysander ^nsign, who !pas also known as H. 11. <br />Ensign and H..Lysander Ensign, who thereby became the owner and holder of sail mortgage, said <br />I <br />assignment of said mortgage -!rag Duly recorled in the office of the County* Clerk of Hall County, <br />Nebraska, in Book "F ", of Assignments of Mortgages, at page 343, of the records of ,aid County: <br />That said mortgage and the obligation for which the same �,,ras given to secure have been Fully <br />raid and satisfied and that said mortgage ought as a matter of right to be released, cancelled <br />and satisfied of record. <br />It is therefore ordered, adjudged and docreed by the Court that the said mortgage from Horace; <br />J. Weller. and :rife to the defendant B.A.Darling for „'1000.00 upon the sail East half of the South- <br />east Luarter of Section Number Thirty-two (32) in Township Number Twelve (12) North of Range <br />Number Nine (9) .rest of the Sixth (6th) P.M. and situated in Hall County, Nebraska, which said <br />mortgage is recorded in Book "D" of Mort ages , at page 109 of the Mortgage records of the said <br />Hall County, be and the same hereby is release 1, cf ncelled and satisfied of record and as to said <br />mortgage plaintiff's title to the said rrem -sex is quieted -and confirmed in her as against the <br />defendants B.A.Darling and Lysander Ensign and as against all persons claiming by, through, or <br />