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ti9s <br />YLL M �� <br />_. _. 42 654 -- KLOPP& BARTLETTCO.,PRINTING,LITNOGRA PHI VG, STATIONERY; OMPHA .. ... .. <br />DEMOCRAT as directed, and that proof of the due publication thereof was filed with this Court <br />on the 17th day of April, 1909. <br />11. That the time limited for the filing, examination and adjustment of claims against said <br />Estate has <br />long since expired, and that all claims <br />filed and allowed have been fully paid and <br />satisfied, <br />including costs of administration, and <br />that all <br />claims not filed have become barred <br />by the Statute <br />of Limitation, and that there are no <br />appeals <br />pending from the disallowance of <br />any claim` <br />and that there remains in <br />the hands of the said Administratrix, the sum of X186.51 <br />for distribution. <br />12. That the said Mary I.Hart died seized of the following described real estate, to -wit : - <br />The Northeast 'quarter (N.F.4 )of Section Thirty -six (36) To,-wnship Nine (9) Range Nine (9) <br />West of the 6th P.M. Hall County, Nebraska, <br />13. That the said Mary I.Hart left surviving her as her only heirs at law, the following <br />named persons, to-,,-,it:- David Hart, widower, Hastings Nebraska <br />Edith A.Hart daughter, Hastings, Nebraska <br />John F.Hart son, Elba, Nebraska <br />Elsie .Haile, nee Hart, daughter, Trumbull, Nebraska, <br />Henry E.Ha.rt, son, Trumbull, Nebraska, <br />all being of lawful age. <br />14. That the said Henry E.Hart, son of 74ary I.Hart ,deceased departed this life on the l4'h day <br />of December 1908, at his home in Adams County, Nebraska and that he left surviving him as his <br />only heirs at l a7r, the following named persons, to-wit:- Nella C.Hart, ?widow; 'Doyle Ivan <br />Hart, son aged abort two years. <br />15. That out of the moneys remaining in the hands of the said Administratrix, the said <br />David Hart, widonrer, is entitle.._! to the sum of �G2.19, and Edith A.Hart, John F.Hart, Elsie �. <br />Haz1 e, and Nella C.Hart widow of Henry E. Hart deceased, are each entitled to the sum of $ 31.08 <br />and that the said Edith A.Hart John F.Hart, E1sieD.Haxle, and Doyle Ivan Hart, are entitled to the <br />real estate herein'--efore described, share and share alike, subject to the life esta +e of David <br />one <br />Hart, widower, in and to a t'_ - -ir:! (2/3) interest in said land, and the share of said Doyle Ivan <br />Hart in said" land also to be sibject to the life estate of Nella C.Hart, !ridow and legatee under <br />the Till of said Henry F.Hart, deceased. <br />16. That the said Edith A.tIart submitted her account and vouchers, and no one appearing to <br />object thereto or contest the same, the Court finds that said account is just and true and <br />should be allowed and ordered recorded as her final acco}7nt. <br />17. The Court f -rther finds that Laid Edith A.Hart, Administratrix as aforesaid, has Hilly <br />accounted for all property coming into her possession or kno- .-ledge beloning to said Estate, in <br />accordance to law and the orders of the Court, and that 12pon her filing vol:ichers with the Court <br />showing t!,e r_ayment by her of the amounts as , bove round , ue, that she be discharged from all <br />further liability on account of said trust. <br />IT IS THERPFORE CONSIDERED, ADJUDGED AND ORDERED by the Court that the account of the said <br />Edith A.Hart ,A- Imibistratrix as aforesaid, be andis hereby approved, confirmed, allowed and <br />or:lered recorded as her final account, and that upon 'ner filing vouchers with the Court, showing <br />the payment by her of the sum of $62.19 to David Hart, the sum of '1,31.08 to John F.Hart, the <br />sum of J 31.08 to Edith A.Hart, the sum of $31.08 to Elsie D.Haryle, and the sum of $31.08 to <br />Nella C.Hart, widow, of Henry r, Hart, .deceased, she be discharged, absolved and acquitted from any <br />and all liability on account of raid trust. <br />IT` IS F'IRT _E^ 'CONSIT)7RED ADJUDGED AND ORDERED by the Court that the foll owing described <br />real estate to -wit:- The Northeast quarter (N.E.4) of Section Thirty -six (36) Tow ship Nine <br />and <br />(9) Range Nine ( 9) 7e,---,t of the 5t"- P. f . Hall County, Nebraska, be the same is hereby assi gn ^d <br />to John F.Hart, E1ith A.Hart, Elsie D.Hazle, and Doyle Ivan Hart, share and share alike, and <br />