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V).4 <br />MU UP MRRM WORD MD. L <br />42654-- KLOPPBBARTLETT <br />GO.. PRINTING. <br />LIT <br />HOG RAPH ING, STATIONERY: ON] tht <br />r ;; Mr <br />- <br />...- <br />- <br />}hares <br />of <br />the <br />resicuc <br />of t-he <br />-personal <br />1)--ol:erty, <br />Inc: the re,:.l estate ')elonzing t <br />saic, <br />estate, <br />cna r:-, CS. „ r S+ "I .x .� � n `y t d-c, , r c,s= nr sale rot .��� ati.r, ..�ci .ec, .t ciu�.ri_a�oc �o t. i,:, r.ubj.c� «n�• a�aL,._.:_cn , cr Na�6, l.e �,ki <br />ere rlae hc:!, ar: °.y of the.:, as follo;:rs, to -tit: Ta said John ';aughan, Jr., an un- <br />divided one third in- ;-::es� `'--z of; co said I'�aniel «`. v�ii:lg.ian, an tt�nclitridea one t'r,irci in- <br />serest u -:creof; to :si John x . 'Taugl cn, an undivided one ninth interest thereof; to said <br />A nos Tau han, an mdivided ono nintl. interest thereof; to said Joseph "aughan, an un- <br />uividod one ninth interest t':ereof. <br />p c. .,I i tr r , x� ^ <br />...:e Lour u �..c ":~ finds that sa_.d John �4-u han, >„r. , lied seize of ,,e 611owing \LySCr1 i. ?— <br />o c 1 c;, r <br />a <br />.�C <br />; <br />r ;; Mr <br />m <br />three �) m- <br />, <br />r rvY 4T i -v, ±'+., . r <br />ahir) .zinc �_) _Tooth, :,.a., e <br />•'�+ -, <br />Cal (1G) <br />•it; r .f.` �_ ,I <br />,17st c� tU_:e <br />C` a <br />Si:.ti <br />" T . r <br />P...., TiTall County, <br />�7 ' 'r <br />T- To'eras,.a. <br />IT IS .11. E"_2FC" E CP- 7, 77o, ATI "MDOMP A; "P IrC',I'1'`P, t� a.t said real estate move c�eseri'aed k e, <br />and the is hereby a sinned anC'L Set over to said i'.c'ir13 <br />S< ^z13, -: retofore ,. "aC e by t.[1em, or any of t :f 2':, as follov,is, <br />an undivided one third interest t.-.ereof; to said Taniel. 7? <br />Znt'�vrt t. y C .1, f*", i 1�• Sr , r. <br />�oI ; � � . ;� ,,.ol i . at,g.�an, n un�_ i� ldeci one <br />AU no, s % VaL,, gr,an, ::.n un;.;.iv i{ ad one ninth interest thereof; <br />un"iivi! @mot one ninth irltcreM' thereof. <br />subject to any assignment, or <br />t o -t��it : To said John '7augl,an, Jr. <br />?',{u�, ;han, an undivided one third <br />ninth fn�:crest thereof; to saiJ <br />and to said Joseph 17aughan, an <br />It is furt1,L0 7 o creed that ;aid ac Count and reP_,ort be, and the aame is here- <br />" i' Llat'rfil:i a; t �: .i inL::l ac ;,'J�1_^ of .-i%:1i:I. .:'��nlol <br />John 'T«ugf ci<:n, 2r. x ec cased, arid that ul,on <br />nati in hia !-,and;s) r ­_--d upon his filinn; vnuchers <br />U <br />titlo.: °utv, - ccorclin g t p <br />o the ror�or <br />1 1 <br />, <br />-Ie <br />W. ': ughan, administrator of the estate of <br />th e ?-Aayi:icnt of the ar :ount for (list r ibut ion <br />for the same rit1. this court, to the rar- <br />tionate shares 1,:ereinbefore set forth, he <br />In „,,it- ncss- vihe reof) I Ila. ,re her ounto sighaa 2_y name and of ix_ed the seal of said court, <br />1. e a— and _''._ r� rst �t,'ov: 'riritton <br />L. lli�,i w% Gli LC1._ - i„.a 1, �. f. � <br />( S EI A i, ) J 'IT. 'tulIin <br />Judge of the Count"-- Court . <br />I- Late of 1 obras =_' A, ) <br />SS. <br />hail Count; ) In Th : ',aunty Court of ITall County, .Zebra 'A'a. <br />I, J. LT. 'ullin, C oant-%r J, : e of .gall Count-y, Nebrau-Qka, do here y certify that I have <br />co::.-)axod tl.e foregoing copy of Final ' ocree in the tatter of the estate of John 1;Aaug§ian, <br />r. Deceased. Frith t1 e. original record thereof, no”, rer.aining in said court, that the <br />sane is a correct transcril)t t1',ereof, and of the ';:hole of such ori�,inal record; theft said <br />;aunt is a vUul °t of Rl -cord :.avin� a seal, °�hLdh seal is hereto attached; teat waid Court 1:as <br />no Clerk autl.orized to 7i�rn Cortfie ates in his ovm nai,:e, and that I am the legal custodian <br />of said Seal and of the eccrrds of said Court, and that the foregoing .s'ltestat.Ion is in due <br />form of late. <br />( S E, A L ) In Testinory .hereof I have hereunto set n.y hand and affixed the seal <br />of the County Court, at Grand Island, this 31 day of October 1;10. <br />J. 'T. a.tull in <br />C oui- t y Judge. <br />' ilec. for _"ecora this Olst day of Cctober A.D. 1910 at 11.50 otclock A.1% <br />County C104. �- <br />I <br />I <br />d <br />I <br />1 <br />