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n2sG <br />MELD Up BERN E REDURM Mo. L <br />- 42654- -KLOPP 6 BARTLETT C O.. PRINTING, LIYH OG RA PH 14 G. STATIONERY; O MAI,d <br />K <br />• 93 <br />In the County Court of Tiall Cuuntir, <br />In the : t_t) L of the .' ti,tate of <br />John Vaughan, ,1;., 'oceased. <br />----- -_ PI'CF°EE CF DI-«'^_'I77711TCY LTD jkLT�C'TA1,T �' CF FINAL <br />A C'� Ct7,T 1. '..,'!'1 �'• T <-1 <br />177-10071. <br />�, , D a•'1 A; . _ ' ✓ <br />I lC- p . <br />'o,; °, an this with d« r of Ft?��itiL ^x•, A.D. 1010, tali^ cause cap` °:e on for hc;aring :Zpon the <br />final account and -petition for final settla ent cnd discharEo of Daniel x'. `au han, Ad- <br />r::inistrator of said estate, praying that t_°te distri';U -L of the assets ;rct rer.^.inin; tie <br />�.nr. Uli t the real E' ter_. .0 CIOn"'inJ t0 .�3L:1<< QSt<::UGy Ja :3Csif:,no.,' card tiL:� over �G he <br />s of said John VaLt jhan, : >r. kioceased, it t'r.e - ro„ort -, ornate si ac set f orth in ecxid <br />;Ietit�vll, �inu as i:iay r e found by t':ie Court, ar" the evidence, and eras subriitted to the <br />Court n it ar oaring to the t ourt fioii: tl`ie :_'xrGcf on file that all persons interested <br />s . s ,,.a on dr nC ` is d s r r J" :xl;, and the 'a:,.., f t', u, <br />.:rim_ C;l. estate � "i 'e 3r ?" ci Cl�ul. "_''C: , 1 "• li G "S�t;, O� .: 8 co-art <br />N s <br />Y.r. c .. , ltiicwL, uyon ;;i:areoz she � ourt rinds hay J:! e �V.> we :ivi'eto/z'�ore f .-eci z o: filing claim s <br />against said ect- iue Vx,Jii'^ , ` .1 o r,• t� • .L• T: w..�i.. .�,��� A.D. 1'10, ^n(. t T an,L 4i1,. <br />,, cL on ' <br />�n� ��C ��a u.� o.� .(�i�l s. ,.. �� arw _1 clairris <br />ry �y . /-� p t•� e.-�y �j ��^.i <br />ai,ainst cant es UGa.'-e naU +`��i .:_eln?Jo�ViV 11 -uL C.ire fore lT l�r ,..1Cli«r•ed by I.IiiV L1l �:t Lt VV of .111. �. Ja �J.. -an V; <br />tilat ,il l debts, Clair.;: alid 6. e Y,,ands filed a Linst s id :'.state, a nct the costs anL1 ; ";x: <br />