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19 <br />YEL M0 WgREE RE90HO ft. 7. <br />42654-- KLOPP& BARTLETT CO.. PRINTING .LITHOGRAPHING.STATIONERY; OMAHA <br />in and to said roil es;_SUo, <br />That t'r:a ti'- ici :,-tha Tieck departed this life on the 24th day of Dccerft.,.er, 1905;. <br />That the said tr ove deccribed real estate ,,,,as the home and home;:tead of the said Charles <br />T)iock and his fa:.dl;' <'.:nd, wtas so Used and occi:.-)ied by hini prior to and at the ulme of his <br />death; <br />1liat, the wail_: ro,. l oU0a-e so usod as a hor_:estead was of less value than two thousand <br />dollars; that it Nested, on his death, in his widovi, Rartha Heck, for life, and o$ the <br />ea" of the s _id .- °artha ?ieck they sai:!e passed to and beca -e the prGFerty of his heirs, <br />Fred A. deck ant-1 Emna T'iock, in fee sim,1ple, and that the is not subject to the pay - <br />1,nent of any debt or lia)ility of the said Charles ,ieck. <br />It is therefore CITERED AND ADJT1PC%D that the report of the s id administrator be and the <br />saiie is hereby a1proved and allomred as and for his final report, and he is discharged of his <br />trust. <br />It is further CCTT; I.^T"-,,X' t1-,at Lot 4, in Block 147, in Tjni4di Pacific i'<.ailroad Con- rlanyls <br />vOOnCt Adi�itiUrl C t = "'.O �'lt G:L rrc�I1C Isl�'�n d, inzall C:OUnty, liebrcaS'_ > :a, �`;aS t}':e ho; :est-ad Of <br />the said Charles Rioclv, was used and ocCi pied as such, and that it pas ,ed at his death to <br />:: ertha Beck, 1 1U ?i< o,,, for life, 'and crested on her death, in Pred A. 13ieck and Emma �7ieck, <br />his childro4, in fee . <br />N. H. Jullin, <br />C o-ant y Judge. <br />State of '.T.aoxas1:a, } <br />all County } <br />In, The County Court of ITall County, ITebraska. <br />I, J. H. ilullin, County Judge of Hall County, ITebraska, do hereby certify that I have <br />cori pared the foregoing cony of Decree naming; heirs and descri'. -ink -teal estate in the mat- <br />ter of the estate of Charles :deck, deceased, with the original record thereof, noy re- <br />- ,7ai.ning in said Court, that the s�arie is a correct transcript thereof, and of the whole of <br />such original record; tilat said Court is a Court of 'ecord having a Seal, whicri seal is <br />y � ,! n Court n LA1 re J. <br />hereto attached; that sa-id Court has no �,lerk�to sign I crtficaUes in his om name, and <br />that I am the legal cust oc? ian of said seal and of the Records of said Court , and that the <br />foreg::ing attestation is in due form of la,.,. <br />I11 TF,STI MT MT ECP I havo hereunto set hand and affixed the seal of the County Court <br />at ."rand Island, this r2.5th dais of October 1910. <br />( S E A L ) <br />J. H. .lullir :, <br />County Judge. <br />Filed for I-ecord this 29th c? :.y of Gotober A.D. 1910 at 5 O'clock P.'`, <br />County Cle . <br />- O- C- G- C- G- G- G- C-• G- C- �C- C-- C- G- C- C- C- C- C-- C- C- C- C- C- C- C- O- C- C- C- G- C- O- C- C- C- C-- �O- C- C- G- C -C -Q-• <br />1 <br />J <br />1 <br />rl� <br />1 <br />