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AZSG <br />00EL MO, D ORM MORO Mo. OI <br />42,654--KLOPP A, UARTLETT CO.. PRINTING.LITHOGRAPH ING. STATIONERY: OrPAHP <br />4, <br />real el-taw ;;ass and (_'Loslcend W�- Lis deatih to ii :`�TIE ft T'• his wilow., in FEE, SE <br />mr, <br />It is thorefore C2'onsiLlored and Adjudjed that Lot 5 i� ;2'7., in t1le o 5: 16.1, y, a 1 t o vn <br />U U now <br />City Qf `.]rand Istland,; Lot 3 ' in 17, in Arnold A1 o 't t s A d d I t- i o n to Grand Island*, Lots <br />_L 111 tiost "Tiew, and the 41P'4- of 11ection 922, in Totmship 11., in range 10, all in Ball <br />o'o,,.inty, 17ebraska, did descend at the Lie.-Lith of Edwin OcNoarson, the provisions of his <br />last -:,dll and testa,,.­.-e,,lt to Jennie -Searson to nave and to hold to� her and her heirs and as- <br />si"rns fole-Ver. <br />J. J1. ':ullin, Judge. <br />state of 1"'c'.'raska, <br />• s IS 0 <br />Hall (-ountly <br />In The County Court of Hall County, 1ATe b r a k a . <br />J. 1-1. ,Iullin,, County Judge of T.all County , 1Toi 3: a :s, k a io hereby `,ertify that I have <br />0 <br />I LA- <br />c cy� u-E the Final ocreo in the of the Estate o" win car - <br />; <br />r", the fLoroGCino <br />on . do c aas o d, , -,-iith the orig2nal record thereof, no,:: .:e­.,ininE, in sai` Court, that the same <br />L, U I x.11 ILL <br />is a correct tran-.cript thereof, and of the vd-,ole of such original record; that said court <br />is ci CoUxt of Record havinc, a seal, whic11 seal is I-Le-l-eto attached; t1lat Court h,-,s no <br />Clerk au"oxized to sign ,ert'4COL-Les <br />U.L1 in his ov,in nane I a-r_j that IL am ti :c legal custodian <br />of said seal and of the R-Ccords of said Court, and that the foregoing attestation is in due <br />la'W <br />I1 T '_11E41j"TI31G3.TY 7,71-1E 72OF I have hereunto set m.y hand and affixed the seal of the <br />County Court, at Grand Island., this 20-th .lay of October 1010. <br />I,, L J. 11711. ::iullin <br />County Tudge. <br />Fi led, fog roc o,. J, th is 2cZ,t'1i d: LV Of Cct obor —1 1C,10 �atv 10 30 o c 16c 11,� A."% <br />County (Dlery <br />.0 <br />11�.T -!TM�7 CCU-2,.L" <br />C CUT 14 j J. CF • "ALL <br />In the `iatter of the E-0,t­;,%`,e O.L <br />T111 E fC, 111, 17 T111 <br />• Charles "ieck, deceased. <br />"To,,,j or, tLis 25t!-). of G-'o'ber, 39110, this cause ca,: 4-1, <br />r?j ;o on to be,heL,,red upon U <br />,orl of <br />I , rCIJT <br />Pattie, Adniiis` t rat 0 r of the h e estate of Charles Bieck, deceased, and af- <br />ter a full axai;,-Lnation of said reyi0 t the couTt., .:,oinf- fully advised in the premises, finds: <br />-Lrator; that he ­eceiv- <br /> no Ttr0j',Orty C,,f "I'.-Y 1.'_-,&,tuxe c-o-1-iie into the h.-ndr, of said Admdnisu ul <br />ed no rioney o-1, other peioponal rty nd ,ail ou U rot 1n <br />1 1 - t::1 , <br />That the said Charles departed thi;­, life on the 4tT'l day of �)epteiAber, 1899,.4,and <br />that lie died intestate: <br />That the said 1`harlos "ieck left survivir.,7 hin, as his heirs at and his only heirs <br />at the f ollov,ing nar-iIed persons: <br />Beitha Fieck, "Lis .,TiCc1,v, and "rod A. Piock) his son., :.-,nd Elm,,a _F;iech. his �'Iau, J-14- W <br />or <br />'L <br />V� <br />T'-,,,,_t the said Charles Tiech ,-!as at t"he tui,"io of his death the ot,;ner of the following <br />CLO SC reC­,]. C, s 3: at e ) sit uat c in the County of "all and Istat e of 1-,,E)II-caska., t o-yirit <br />Lot Four (4) of :?lock One TT,- Ciro- Forty IE.',oven (147) , of the Union Facific Ro-ilroad Colh- <br />_n I U <br />4 City of Grand 'rolan(l, and that under the la,,•: of descent of <br />p lir. ,Ir I E�j c on d .1k CL d i t i 0 n U`0 he 0 U J. <br />the State of :Tobra,.1ka., as in force at the ti:mo of the d1dat-h of said intestate, said real Fs- <br />Late did Traso and descend at his ddath to the said <br />Fred A. J.I.icck and E61imia Bieck, in equal shares to have and -to hold to therf, and their heirs <br />and assigns -Lo_i•ever, subject to the hoi-.-lestead anti dower rij�its of the vvridow, 7ortha Bieck, <br />