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Un HER RIM MOOR DU V0. L <br />4 265¢-- KL0PP&BARTLETT G0..PRINTING,LITHOGRA PH I.YG,STATI0NERY;0MAhA <br />1903, said instrument to vrnich this is .attached was duly proved, probated, and allowed as <br />the last will and testanent of the said Eliesabeth Dill deceased, and the same was ordered <br />tq be recorded in the records of the court --aforesaid. <br />In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and the seal of the said County Court <br />this 11 day of l ovonber A.D. 1908. <br />( S E A L ) <br />J. iI. 11ullin, County Judge. <br />IiT THE CCUITTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, 11ERRAS XA. <br />"n the a!atter of the Estate of ) <br />T' I N A L DECREE <br />Eliesabeth Dill, deceased. ) <br />Nov, on this 17th day of October, 1910, this cause came on to be heard upon the final re- <br />port of Carl Dill, Executor of the last Will and Testament of Eliesabeth Tall, deceased, <br />and it satisfactorily app easing to the court, front the proof now on file, tT-at the said <br />Carl bill is the legatee Zander said Wil- and the only person interested in said estate, and <br />that he has vraived tyme and notice of final hearing, and it further appearing that said re- <br />port is correct in all respects and ought to be approved and that the said executor has ac- <br />counted fo ll of said estate thick came into his hands, it is therefore, <br />MERU.. ADJUDGED A1.TD DECREED that the report of Carl Dill, Executor, be and the sa _´┐Że <br />is hereby approved and allowed as and for his final account and he is discharged of his <br />trust. <br />Tile Court finds that notice was given all creditors of the time allowed and place ap- <br />pointed for filing claim's against the estate of said deceased, by publication and by pos- <br />ting, as required by law: that the time allowed for presenting claims has fully* expired; <br />that all claims filed and allowed against said ostate have been fully paid and satisfied; <br />that all clams outstanding against the estate of said deceased and not filed, if any there - <br />be, are therefore forever marred and excluded. <br />It is therefore Considered and Adjudged by the court that all persons are forever bar- <br />red from filing or setting up any claims or demands against the estate of Eliesabeth Dill, <br />deceased, and that said estate is fully settled and closed. <br />The court finds that the said Eliesabeth Dill left a last will and testament whci was <br />duly a(bpitted to probate herein on the 11th day of November, 190C,. <br />The court finds that the said Eliesabeth Dill was at the time of her death the ovmer of <br />the following real estate situate in tho County of Hall and State of 1ebraska, to -wit: <br />LOT EIGHT (8) IN FLOC 1. SUXTEEN (16). in H. G. CLAPKIS ADDITICIT to Grand Island, Nebraska, <br />and that under the terms and provisions of her said last Will and Testament said real estate <br />aid ,Mass and descend at her death to CARL DILL, her husband, to have and to hold to him <br />and his heirs and assigns forever. <br />It is therefore CCITSI1.!ERED AND ADJUDGED by the court that Lot 8, in Block 16, in H. G. <br />Clark's Addition to Gran, Island, in Hall County, Nebraska, did pass and descend at the <br />death of Eliesabeth Djill, under the provisions of her last vrill and testament, to Carl <br />Dill in fee. <br />The court, further fins:^ tlat the said testatrix left no personal property. <br />J. H. T,iullin, Judge. <br />State of Nebraska, ) <br />ss. <br />Hall County. i <br />In -: e County Court of Hall County, Nebraska. <br />I, J. H. 11ullin, County Judge of Hall County, Nebraska, do hereby certify that I have <br />compared tide foregoing copy of The Last Will and Testament and Final Decree in the .,.utter <br />1 <br />1 <br />J <br />1 <br />