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AZSG <br />42654--KLOPP A BARTLETT CO.,PRINTING,LITHOGRAPH I MG. STATIONERY; OMAhA <br />FINAL DECREE AND WILL. <br />IN THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL CCUi1TY, NEBRASKA. <br />In the Matter of the Estate of <br />Samuel Huston, Deceased. ) FINAL DECREE. <br />Now off} this 29th day of 'Septerpber, 1910, this cause came on for hearing upon <br />the -final report of Samuel C. Ruston, Administrator with the Will annexed of the estate of <br />Samuel Huston, deceased, and it satisfactorily appearing to the court from the proof now <br />on file, that all persons interested in the estate. of said deceased have been duly notified <br />by publication, as required by the order of court, of the filing of said re -port and of the <br />time and place fixed for final settlement of said estate and no one appearing to object, <br />and it'further appearing to the court, after a full examination of said account that same <br />is correct in all respects and ought to be approved, it id therefore, <br />ORDERED, ADJUDGED ANE' DECREED that the report of Samuel C. Huston, Administrator of <br />the estate of Samuel Huston. deceased, be and the same is hereby approved and allodtred as <br />and for his final account. <br />The court finds that due notice was given all credit ors of the said Samuel Hustch, <br />deceased, of the time allowed and place appointed for filing claims against his estate, as <br />required by the law and the order of court; that the time allowed for filing claims has <br />fully expired; that all claims filed and allowed by the court have been fully paid and <br />satisfied; that all claims against said estate not filed, if any there be, are forever <br />barred and excluded. <br />83 <br />It is therefore Ordered and Considered that all persons are forever barred from filing <br />or the of Samuel Huston, deceased, and that said es- <br />setting up any claims against estate <br />tate is fully closed and settled. <br />The Court finds that the said Samuel Huston departed this life on the 24th day of Dec- <br />ember, 1909, leaving a last will and testament iNhich was duly allowed and admitted to pro- <br />bate in this court on the 28th day of December., 1909, and that he left surviving him as his <br />heirs at law and his only heirs at law, the following persons: <br />HANNAH ELVEN'E FENI i4RE, 1dINERVA VIRGINIA HEMMIN(MOUSE and AU4A JOSEPHINE CLARK, his <br />daughters. <br />The Court further finds that the said Samuel Huston was at the time of his death the <br />owner' of the fallotfring described real estate situate in the County of Hall and State of <br />Nebraska, to-wit: <br />Lots 6 & 8 in Block 15 in Scarf's Addition to the City of Grand Island, and Lots 12) <br />13 and 14, in Block 3 in Boggs & Hill's Addition to Grand Island, and that under the terms <br />and provisions of the last will and testament of the said Samuel Huston said real estate <br />did pass and descend at his death to the said Hannah Elvene Fenimore, Minerva Virginia Hem - <br />minghouse and Alma Josephine Clark, his daughters, to have and to hold to them and to their <br />heirs and assigns as tenants in common. <br />that Lots 6 &8 in Block 15 Scarf's <br />It is therefore Adjudged and Considered by the court <br />Addition to Grand Island, and Lots 123 13 and 14 in Block 3, in Boggs & Hill's Addition to <br />Grand Island, all in Hall County, Nebraska, did Pass and descend at the death of Samuel Hus- <br />ton, under the terms of his last will and testament , to Hannah Elvene Fenimore, 11inerva <br />Virginia Hen- minghouse and Alma Josephine Clark, in equal shares to have and to hold to thorn <br />and their heirs and assigns forever. <br />The Court finds that the cash legacies of Two Thousand Dollars each to Hannah Elvene Fen - <br />imore and Minerva Virginia Herilmingliouse have been paid in full as shown by receipts of the <br />legatees on file, and that the costs of administration have been and that the admin- <br />paid, <br />