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AZSG <br />In <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />YEL w9'7 PERRM REPORM Vo, L, <br />42654- -KL RARTLETT CO.. PRINTING. LITHOGRAPHI.NG,STATIONERY; OMAHC _ <br />IN COUNTY COURT, H .LL COUNTY, NEBRASKA. <br />IN THE MATTER OF THE INTEJTATH ESTATE <br />( DEC REE. { <br />OF HENRY SCHIMMER, Deceased <br />Now on this 27 day of August ,1910 this cause came on to be heard upon the final report <br />-of Christine.Schimmer, Administratria of the intestate estate of Henry Schimmer, deceased and <br />her petition for a final settlement thereof,and it appearing from the files and records of this <br />cause and of the administration of the testate estate and probate of the will of said Henry <br />Schimmer, deceased, with which this case was coneQlidated, that due and legal notice, as by law <br />and the order of this Court required, has been given to all creditors of said estate of the <br />probate of said will and the administration of the intestate estate of said deceased, to file <br />their claims against said estate and that all claims filed, including the cost of administration <br />have been duly paid by the said Christine Schimmer Maecutria of the will of said deceased, it <br />is´┐Ży this Court, duly found, ordered and adjudged, that all other creditors ,if-'any their be <br />who have failed to file their claims against said estate, are forever barred from so doing and <br />their said claims, if any,zare :hereby_ precluded and forever barred.. <br />The Court further finds that said Administratrix of the intestate estate of said deceased, <br />as shown by her inventory and report filed herein, did not receive or collect any property or <br />monies of any kind as such Administratria,and that the only property belonging -to said inestate <br />estate was Lot No. Seven in Block one hundred twenty -nine, in Koenig and Wiebbe's Addition to <br />Grand Island, Nebraska, which as , at the date of the death of said Deceased, his Homestead and <br />the homestead of the said Chriatine Schimmer his widow, and has since his death been occupied by <br />her as a homestead, and that there is no rent, revenue or income received by her therefrom. <br />The Court further finds that the said Henry Schimmer left, surviving him as his heirs and <br />only heirs atlaw, his widow ChristinnK Schimmer and his children as follows: August Schimmer, <br />Emma Seier, Henry Schimmer, John Schimmer, Adele Henna, Otto Schimmer, Minnie Hartwig and Berny <br />Schimmer; that he left no other children, heirs at law or descendants, except as above <br />The Court further finds that the said Christine Schimmer,widow of said deceased was the <br />mother of all of the aboved named childrrn and that upon the death oc said Henry Schimmer, the <br />aboved described property was not disposed of by the last will and testament of said deceased, <br />and that same passed and descended, as provided by law of descent of the State of Nebraska, as <br />follows: an undivided one -third thereof to said Christine Schimmer, widow in fee, and the re- <br />maining two - thirds thereof in equal ohares to the above named children in fee, subject to the <br />homestead right of the said Christine Sch*mmer therein, as provided by law. <br />The Court further finds that the final report of said Christine Schimmer, as Administra_ <br />trix of the intestate estate of said deceased, is in all respects correct and should be, and is <br />hereby confirmed and approved. <br />It is therefore, by thi Court, ordered, adjudged and decreed that the said final report <br />of said Christine Schimmer, Administratrix, is hereby approved ; that all claims against said <br />estate are forever barred; that said above described property was not disposed of in the last <br />will and testament of said Henry Schimmer, deceased, and passed , and descended on his death to <br />the said Christine Schimmer, widow and to his above named children and heirs at law in the shares± <br />hereinbefore found, subject to the homestead rights of the said Christine Schimmer and that the <br />said Administratrix of said estate is hereby discharged, her bond released, and said estate eloseld <br />J.H.Mullin <br />Judge. <br />State of Nebraska( <br />ss <br />Hall County In .the County Court Of Hall County, Nebraska` <br />I, J.H.Mullin County Judge of Hall County, Nebraska, do hereby certify that I have compared <br />the foregoing copy of The Final Dgcree in the Matter of the Intestate Estate of Henry Schimmer, <br />