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t�s <br />ME Rmanno Mo. L-1 <br />YAL UP OBOR, <br />IN54-- KLOPP& BARTLETTCO.. PRINTING. LITHOGRAPHING .STATIONERY;OMC -hA <br />We, whose names are her to subscribed, do certify that Henry Schimmer, the Testator,sub- <br />scribed his name to this instrument in our presence and in the presence of each of us, and de- <br />clared at the same time in our presence and hearing that this instrument was his last will and <br />testament, and we at his request and in his ptesence and in the presence of each other, have <br />subscribed our names as attesting witnesses hereto. <br />F.J.Pah2, Grand Island, Nebraska, <br />Louis Veit, Grand Island, Nebraska, <br />Hugo H. Meves, Grand Islan_i, Nebraskai <br />IN COUNTY CODRT,HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA. <br />IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF <br />DECREE. <br />HENRY SCHIMMER # <br />DECEASED. # <br />------------------- ----------- <br />Now on this 27 day of August, 1910 this cause came on to °be ;heard upon the <br />petition and final report of Christine Schimmer, Executrix of the testate estate of Henry <br />Schimmer, Deceased, and it appearing from the records o- this cause that due and legal notice, <br />as by law and the order of this Court required, has been given to all creditors to file their <br />claims against said estate, and that all claims filed:, including the costs od administration, <br />have been duly paid,by said Executrix, it is by the Court ordered and adjudged that all other <br />creditors if such there be who have ftiled to file 'their claims against said estate, are.for- <br />ever precluded from Odoing, and all unfiled claims are forever barred. <br />The Court further finds that due notice of the filing of said petition and final report <br />has been accepted by all of the heirs and other persons interested therein, and that no object- <br />ions have been made to the approval thereof. <br />The Court further finds, on examination of said report of said Executrix, that same is <br />in all respects true and correct and should be approved. <br />The Court further finds that clause six of the last will and testament of said deceased <br />was indefinite and uncertain as to its meaning and purport anti that on,August 13th 1910, upon <br />hearing of a petition filed by Christine Schimmer, Executrix/of said estate, for an interpretation <br />and construction of said clause Six, which petition was joined in by all of the devisees and <br />heirs at law of said Deceased, this Court being duly advised in the premises, rendered in this <br />case a decree construing said clause Six in accordance with the true meaning and intent of said <br />testator, which decree was approved and agreed to in writing by all of the devisees, legatees <br />and heirs at law of said deceased; that for the purpose of giving the true meaning thereto and <br />for the guidance of the Executrix and a settlement of all controversy between the heirs, devisees <br />and legatees of said estate, the following construa ttan.of>'said will was made by this Court: <br />".The Court finds ,that the.said Henry Schimmer,Testator, after devising to his said sons <br />August Schimmer, Henry Schimmer, Otto Schimmer and Berny Schimmer the several tracts of land as <br />set forth in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth clauses of his said will,intended thereby to <br />charge against said tracts of land the $9500 to be paid by them as set forth in the sixth clause <br />thereof,above refered to. That the $3500 to be paid to John Schimmer by August, Henry., Otto <br />and Berny Schimmer should be paid in the following proportionate amounts: <br />By August Schimmer the sum of 921.06 <br />By Henry Schimmer the sum of 1105.26 <br />By Otto Schimmer the sum of 736.84 <br />By Berny Schimmer the sum of 736.84 . <br />That the remaining $6000 bequeathed under clause-.six of said will was intended by said Testator <br />to be paid by the devisees named in said third', fourth, fifth and sixth clauses of said will in <br />the following proportionate amounts: <br />By August Schimmer the sum of $1578.94 and that the same is a lien upon the Southeast <br />Quarter of the Northeast Quarter and the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter and the North <br />half of the Northeast luarterof Section 24, Township 11, Range 9, Hall County, Nebraska,in .favor <br />1 <br />1 <br />C <br />1 <br />1 <br />