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nzsr <br />149 <br />MLL M� 1 MMMM ROOM DO Mr, 9 <br />42654- -KLOPP 6 BARTLETT CO.. PRINTING. LITHOGRA PHI. VG, STATIONERY; OMAHn <br />LAST 'TILL AND TESTAITENT. <br />I, Peter Pehrs, of the Townshir of Alda, in the County of Hall and 4 torte of Nebraskq <br />ponsidering the uncertainty of this mortal life, and being of sound mind and memory, do <br />t^ake and publish this my last will and testament, in manner and form following, that is to <br />eay: 1st: I direct that my funeral charges and exrenses of administering my estate, in- <br />eluding the erection of a suitable monument at my grave, and all my debts be paid out of <br />my rersonal property. 2nd: I give and bequeath to my beloved nephew, August Pehrs, srn <br />of my brother John Pehrs, all of my real estate of every kind and nature, together with all <br />fixtures and appurtenances in any manner belonging thereto or connected therewith, whereever <br />eituate, whether now owned by me or hereafter acquired; together with Fifteen hundred Dollars <br />�( '15C0. 00) , to be paid him out of any moneys or personal prorerty of which I may die poss- <br />Ossed, prior to that of any bequests hereinafter contained.' <br />3rd: Of the remaining personal prorerty, if such there be, I give and be'lueathto my belov- <br />sd niece, Lizzie Gutchow, daughter of my aforesaid brother, Fifteen hundred Dollars ( 1500.00) <br />and to my beloved niece Dora Schlieger, daughter of my aforesaid brother, Fifteen hundred Dolt. <br />'bars (`1500.00) ; and to Lute Mahn One hundred Dollars (P,100.00)., and to Pall :,Jahn , One hundred <br />Dollars (``100.00) and to 1.1atha Wa firer One hundred Dollars (` 10C.CO); and to Ida �,4oh1, One <br />;hundred Dollars (100.00), The last four named -persons being step children to my aforesaid <br />trother. If there is not personal rrorerty sufficient to clay the beqizests named in this third <br />paragraph of my will in full, then it is my wish that the aforesaid amounts in the paragraph <br />named so respectively bequeathed be paid ratably out of the said sum so remaining. <br />4th; After raying all the aforesaid bequests, and ex- <br />penses of administration, as herein <br />provii.ed, if there should remain of my personal pro -rerty a residue, I give and bequeath all <br />such residue to my brothers Hans Henry Pehrs and John. Pehrs, and <br />,, to my sister Sophia Raor- <br />r Pert, share and share alike. 5th: If any of the aforesaid /\ Qgatees shall die in my life - <br />time, leaving issue or descendants, I direct that his or her share shall not lapse but shall <br />be paid to such descendants in equal-proportions. <br />6th: I appoint my friend William Gutschow, executor of this my last will and testament, <br />without bond, hereby revoking all forner wills by r:e made. <br />In Witnes-, 77hereof I have hereunto subscribed .;:y name this 18th day of November, in the <br />"ar of our Lord one thousand nine huntred five. <br />Peter Pehrs. <br />7te, whose names are hereunto subscribed, do hereby certify that Peter Pehrs, the testa- <br />tor, subscribed his name to this instrument in our presence and in the presence of each of <br />us, and declared at the same time in our presence and hearing that this instrur -ent -rras his <br />last will and testament, and we at his request sign our names hereto in ltis presence as, at- <br />testing witnesses. <br />7ill Tarn Anyan <br />of Grand Island, Nebr. <br />Tilliam 11. Thompson <br />of Grand Island Nebr <br />,CERTIFICATE OF PROPATE OF ?,MILL <br />€'TVE OF I;ET?RASKA ) <br />SS, <br />Hall County, ) I t a session of the County Court held at the County Court <br />Room in Grand Island in said County, on the 10th day of May A.D.1909, present J. H. 1dullin, <br />County Jud<;e. In the matter of the estate of Peter Pehrs deceased. I. J.FI.?aullin, County <br />