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E <br />NO DOME ROOM Moo L <br />4214-- KLOPP& BARTLETT CO., PRINTING, LITHOGRAPH I MG. STATIONERY; OMAHG. - - - <br />1: My daughter Adele Baasch is to receive Two Hundred and no -100 Dollars ($200 00). <br />11: The balance of the property, real and personal is to be divided between my children Ernst <br />Baasch, Herman Baasch, Edward Baasch, Amanda Baasch and Vora Baasch, or their heirs share and <br />share alike. Third: I hereby appoint my wife Sophia. Basch sole executrix of this my last will <br />and testament; fourth: I hereby revoke all former wills and testament. <br />In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my name at Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska, this <br />eight day of October, 1899. <br />Adolph Baasch, <br />We, whose names are hereunto subscribed do certify that Adolph Baasch, the Testator sub- <br />scribed his name to 'phis instrument in our presence and in the presence of each of us and declared <br />at the same time in our presence and hearing that this instrument was his last will and testament, <br />and we at his rW uest, sign our names hereto in h1is presence and in the presence of each other, <br />as attesting witnesses the day and year first above written. <br />Henry D. Boyden. <br />grand Island, Nebr. <br />H. L. Bode. Grand Island, Nebr. <br />Sister Irene. <br />(Endorsed) <br />" State of Nebraska i ss <br />Hall County <br />On this 17th day of October, 1899, the within last will and <br />testament of Adolpph Baasch was duly proved before me, M. T. Garlow, County Judge of said County, <br />according to law as the last will and testament of the real and personal estate of said deceased <br />and the same was admitted to probate and duly recorded in this office. In Testimony Whereof, I <br />have hereunto set my hand and official seal, the day and year above written. <br />M. T. Carlow. <br />("EAL) County Judge ". <br />The Court finds that under the terms and provisions of said last will and testament all <br />of the above described real estate, to -wit: The east -Z of the N of Section 24, Township 11, <br />Range 9, and the South l of the SE- and the SW-41 of the NE� of Section 13, Township 11, Range 9, <br />all in Hall County, Nebraska, did pass and descend at the death of the testator to Sophia <br />Baasch, for the term of her natural life and at her death the same passes to Ernst Baasch, <br />Herman Baasch, Edward Baasch, Amanda Baasch and Dora Baasch, in equal shares, to have and to hold <br />to them and their heirs forever. It is further found by the Court that the cash legacy of $200 04 <br />has been paid to Adele Baasch as shown by the report and by receipt on file. <br />J. H. Mullin. <br />County Judge. <br />State of Nebraska ) <br />)ss <br />Hall County ) IN THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA. <br />I, J. H. Mullin, County Judge of Hall County, Nebraska, do hereby certify <br />that I have compared the foregoing copy of the Final Decree, with Last Will and Testament in the <br />matter of the Estate of Adolph Baasch, deceased, with the original record thereof, now remaining <br />in said Court, that the same is a correct transcript thereof, and of the whole of such original <br />record; that said Court is a Court of record having a seal, which seal is hereto attached; that <br />said Court has no Clerk authorized to sign certificates in his own name, and that I am the legal <br />custodian of said Seal and of the records of said Court, and that the foregoing attestation is in <br />due form of law. In Testimony ;Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the <br />County Court, at Grand Island, this fourth day of April, 1910. <br />(SEAL) <br />J. H. Mullin. <br />County Judge. <br />Filed for record the 6th day of April, 1910, at 10 -30 A.M. <br />County Clerk. <br />P-, <br />�7 <br />1 <br />