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138 <br />YEL U0 MORE NERUND g 1, <br />4267)4- -KLOPP 6 BARTLgTTGO .,PRINTING,I.ITHOGRAPH I VG,STATIONERY; OMKH,f <br />of record having a seal, which seal is hereto attached; that said Court has no Clerk authorized <br />to sign certificates in his own name, and that I am the legal custodian of said Seal and of the <br />records of said Court, and that the foregoing attestation is in due form of law. <br />In Testimony 'Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the County Court, at <br />Grand Island, this second day of April, 1910. <br />J. H. Mullin. <br />(SEAL) County Judge. <br />Filed for record the 2nd day of April, 1910, at 10 A.M. <br />County Clerk. <br />7! i7� 7r77' 7 7` tt117?7r7' !'7�'; `7! f 7i� 71 " "�!'7t titl° 7f ! r 7I 'n' 7t 7! 7+`7i7t 7i if #ff#i i.'r, f if7! -1 "1 <br />FINAL DECREE. <br />IN THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA. <br />In the matter of the estate of ) <br />Grace Bowen, Deceased. }} <br />Now on this 22 day of March, 1910, this cause came on <br />for hearing upon the final report of Homer Bowen, Administrator of the estate of Grace Bowen, <br />deceased, and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court from the proof now on file that all <br />persons interested in said estate have been duly notified of the filing of said report and have <br />waived time and further notice, and there being no objection or protest on filq, and it further <br />appearing to the Court that sdid report is correct in all respects and ought to be approved and <br />allowed, it is therefore, <br />Ordered, Adjudged and Decreed that the report of Homer Bowen, Administrator of the estate <br />of Grace Bowen, deceased, be and the same is hereby approved and allowed as and for his final <br />account and he is discharged of his trust. The Court finds that.due and legal notice was given <br />all persons as required by lav and the orders of this Court of the time allowed and place ap- <br />pointed for filing claims against said estate, and that the time so allowed for filing claims has' <br />fully expired. The Court further finds that no claims or demands of any nature were filed <br />against the estate of Grace Bowen, deceased, and that all persons holding claims against said <br />estate, if any there be, are therefore forever barred from filing same. It is therefore ordered j <br />and considered by the Court that all persons are forever barred from filing or setting up any <br />claims or demands against the estate of Grace Bowen, deceased, and said estate is fully settled <br />and closed. The Court further finds that the said Grace Bowen departed this life intestate on <br />the 30th day of July, 1909, and that she left surviving her as her heirs at law and her only <br />heirs at law, the following named persons; Homer Bowen, her husband, and Kenneth Bowen, her minor <br />son, The Court further finds that the said Grace Bowen was at the time of her death the owner of <br />the following described real estate situate in the County of Hall. and State of Nebraska, to -wit: <br />Lots 9 and 10 in Block 8, in the Original Town of Food River, and that under the laws of the <br />State of Nebraska, the said real estate did pass and descend at her death to the said Homer Bowen <br />i and Kenneth Bowen in the manner following; One -half to Homer Bowen, the husband, and one -half <br />to Kenneth Bowen, her son, to have and to hold to them and totheir heirs and assigns forever. <br />The Court :finds that after the death of the said Grace Bowen and on the 5th day of January, <br />1910, the said Kenneth Bowen, minor heir, departed this life at the age of seven months, leaving <br />his father, Homer Bowen, his sole surviving parent, as his only heir and that the interest of the <br />said Kenneth Bowen in the above described real estate did pass at his death to the said Homer <br />Bowen to have and to hold to him and to his heirs and assigns forever, and that the said Homer <br />Bowen then became the sole owner of the said real estate, to -wit: Lots 9 and 10, in Block 8, <br />in the Original Town of Wood River, in Hall County, Nebraska. <br />J. H. Mullin. <br />(SEAL) County Judge. <br />