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IAZSG <br />I <br />I <br />YLL wG!lio EffiRF <br />r �_ ffiI oGJ ri�7, 0: <br />4WU­oPP& BARTt=aO.. PRINTING. LfTHOGRAPHI'*O,*7Ar1ONZnV; OMAHA <br />State of Nebraska <br />)SB <br />Hall County <br />On this 11th day of July A.D. 1898, appeared the above named William W. <br />Dubbs, the testator and J. P. Riddile and M. I. McCarty as attesting witnesses, and who are <br />per- <br />sonally known to me to be the persons they represent themselves to be and who signed the fore- <br />going instrument in my presence each for himself and then acknowledged the signing of the same <br />and the execution thereof severally to be their ovrn free act and deed for the purposes as therein! <br />set forth; In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal at Wood <br />River, in Hall County, State of Nebraska, the day and date last above written. <br />Geo. W. Miller. <br />My Notarial Commission expires Nov. 11th, 1898. <br />Notary Public <br />IIT COUNTY COURT, HALL COUNTY, ITEBRASKA. <br />In the Matter of the Estate <br />F I IT A L D E C R E E. <br />of William W. Dubbs, deceased. <br />Now on this 26th day of Ilarch, 1910, this cause came on for <br />hearing upon the final report and petition of Ralph E. Dubbs, Executor of said estate; and it <br />appearing to the Court from the proofs on file that all persons interested in said estate have <br />been duly notified as provided by law and required by the orders of this Court, of the filing of <br />said report and petition for final settlement of said estate and no objections thereto being made <br />the Court., afterlexamination of said account-, report and petition, finds that the same is in all <br />respects correct and should be allowed and approved by this Court. <br />It further aDDearin� from the proofs on file that due publication and notice as provided by <br />law and the orders of this Court has been given to all creditors of said estate and persons <br />having claims against said estate, and that the time for filing said claims has long since expire i , <br />the Court finds: that all claims filed or presented against said estate have been fully paid by <br />said Executor; and further finds that all creditors and others having claims against said estate,1 <br />if any there be, are forever barred, and precluded from filing or collecting said claims from said <br />estate of the property or assets the-roof., and that said claims are, as by lar, provided, barred. <br />The Court further finds, from the report of said Executor, that there remains in his hands <br />for distribution, after the payment of all debts, expenses and other charges of said estate, the <br />sum of X13.814. 90, and that same should be distributed under the terms of the second and fourth <br />clause of the will of said deceased as follows:- To Ralph E. Dubbs, John H. Dubbs, Marion F. <br />Dubbs, Raymond B. Dubbs, Emmet J. Dubbs,, sons and Laura B. Evrinc,,., Luetta 11. Rinderer ( named in <br />said will as Renderer), Elizabeth A. Holden, Mary M.'Ttirney, and Florence I. Dubbs, daughters, <br />each one eleventh of said property amounting to 1`1255. 90. <br />The Court further finds that the said deceased died seized of the following described real <br />estate to-wit: The southeast quarter of section No. 29, and the South-east quarter of section No <br />52 and the South half of the North-west quarter and the West half of the south-west quarter of <br />Section No. 33, all in Township 11, Range 12, West, and the North-west quarter of the North- <br />east quarter of Section No. 5. in Toi!,rnship 10, Range 12, West, Hall County, Nebraska; that under <br />the provisions of said last will and testament of said deceased the East half of the South-east <br />quarter of said Section 32 and the south-west quarter of the south-west quarter of section No. <br />33, in Township 11, North of Range 12, West, passed and descended upon the death of said William <br />W. Dubbs, to his son Daniel Dubbs, under the conditions, however, that said Devisee pay to the <br />balance of the heirs of said estate the principal sum of x&500 00 within five years after he took <br />Possession thereof, <br />with interest at six per cent per annum payable annually; The Court further <br />finds that the said Daniel Dubbs took possession of said real estate on January 1st, 1909, hnd <br />has paid to the said heirs one year's interest on said sum; that there, is now,, due to the <br />